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Ra is a 2500-year-old young mummy boy and one of Casper's best creature friends. His mummy wraps can be used to scale buildings, build safety nets and lasso objects. Ra can sometimes be unsure of himself and let his fear override his better judgement, but he is a loyal friend who always rises to the occasion in the end.


Ra, like every Egyptian mummies, is wrapped in bandages that cover everything but parts of his face which he has stated he has been wearing since 2,500 years ago (approx. based on his age), a well-symbolized ancient Egyptian kilt (blue with golden/yellow streaks), gold medellion (with a scarab beetle adornment) and wears a black beanie with a golden cobra shape as the adornment. In "You Oughta be in Pictures" it is implied that Ra's body actually looks like a corpse since when he showed some humans his face by removing the bandages that cover parts of his face, they were horrified and in "Crypt Critters", it is revealed that Ra has hair.


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