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Rabbids are the main protagonists and (former) antagonists of the Raving Rabbids franchise that has spawned various party games. They are rabbit-like creatures with bug-eyes and a seemingly small mouth that opens almost disturbingly widely whenever they suffer a strange adrenaline rush, which causes their eyes to turn to red and let out their trademark scream. They are very dimwitted and eccentric and do not need air. They later appears in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.


In the main series, not much is known about where the Rabbids originally came from. Rabbids Go Home shows they they do not even know who they are, or where they came from as they think they are from the moon. The GBA version of the first game however said that the Rabbids were once peaceful creatures of the Glade of Dreams, as told by Ly the Fairy, but turned evil due to being bullied by the other creatures. In the episode, Jurassic Rabbid, it's said that that the Rabbids were once intelligent creatures on Earth, but due to an Ice Age, the Rabbids became more stupid but bigger. However the TV show and games have differences to each other so it may be an alternate continuity. With those facts aside, it is unknown if Rabbids go Home rebooted their origins or not as Rayman did not appear in any Rabbids games since the third game. However, since Rayman makes cameos in the French Rabbid comic books and the Rabbids appear as enemies in Rayman Adventures, it seems that the Rabbids may be from the Glade of Dreams.


Most Rabbids have white fur all over their bodies except on their bellies, under their feet and paws, on their eyes, and inside their ears. They have long, rabbit-like ears that can be adjusted. Rabbids appear to have separated buck teeth visible when they open their mouths. Their "paws" have one thumb and no other fingers. Their legs and feet are just stumps with no toes. The Rabbids' most notable feature are their eyes. When calm, their eyes are blue with black pupils. However, when they are experiencing adrenaline rushes, their eyes are can turn red and green when they are sick. The only language they speak is "Bwah."


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