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Rabbit is the tritagonist in the show Skunk Fu! He is a male grey and white rabbit and has no beard (obviously). He is noted to be in his twenties, but is not proven in the show there for he and Fox are debatably in their twenties or teens. He is a negative influence for Skunk.

He was voiced by Paul Tylack.


He loves a dirty fight. He has got a crush on Fox (though he keeps denying it). He is violent, ill-tempered, egotistical, smart alec hare who is always on the lookout for conflict.


He calls his fist Mr. Fisty and he considers himself the strongest animal in the valley. He sometimes fights with Panda about it. He also desires to become a leader so he can fight Dragon right away instead of waiting like Panda orders. He creates plans to attack the ninja monkeys, but it always backfires. He has a soft spot for Skunk, calling him "squirt". He also enjoys picking on Skunk and often takes advantage of him, but he cares and loves him as a friend. He even taught Skunk the art of attitude, which Panda said was an art Skunk was not ready for.


  • He shares the same voice with Panda.