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It's such a pity, but I'll play with you.
~ Rachel Alucard.

Rachel Alucard is a tetragonist in the BlazBlue franchise. She is the head of the Alucard vampire clan. As revealed by the Hunter's Eye, Rachel has no life-force value.

She is voiced by Kana Ueda in the Japanese version, who also voiced Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil. And Mela Lee in the English version, both of whom also voice Rin Tohsaka.


Rachel Alucard is the current head of the Alucard family, and a very powerful being. She hates being bored, so she heads out to the real world with her familiars Nago and Gii in tow to view the current state of events. She's also Ragna's Stalker with a Crush, although she would never admit it is anything more than a mix of concern and boredom.

It's stated in her ending that she hates her vampiric impulses, but had no choice in using them in one timeline. By doing so, she ended up biting a young boy with jade-colored eyes, Ragna. She also seems to care for him and the other characters, in a thoroughly backwards fashion. She also knows about the instabilities in the space time continuum, which caused her boredom in the first place, and is attempting to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. She becomes increasingly more active in the sequels, waging a Cosmic Chess Game with the main villains.


Rachel is a stereotypical aristocratic heiress. She has an almost enchanting air of dignity and grace, yet is sarcastic and condescending to those she considers lower than her, always expecting them to have the highest standards of formality when conversing with her.

Despite this, she does care deeply for her allies. Her butler, Valkenhayn, is fervently devoted to Rachel, as he was a loyal friend and respected rival to her father, the late Clavis Alucard. Rachel's familiars, Nago and Gii, despite taking punishment from her on a regular basis, remain loyal to her.

Perhaps her most intriguing relationship is with Ragna. Although Rachel would never admit to it, she loves Ragna for his determination and unwillingness to give up even when the odds are against him.


Rachel is a young vampire girl with pale skin, long blonde hair tied into two pigtails with black ribbons, and red eyes. She wears Gothic Lolita fashion with a frilly black gown and jacket, red ribbon bow tie, a red bat symbol design cross from the front to the back on her dress, another red cross on her shawl and bottom half, high heeled black boots with a red cross, and a red ribbon on her left ankle.

When she was young, her appearance was similar that of her current self. She wore a black dress with a red cross in the center and a large, black ribbon on the back, black ribbons in her hair, a white blouse, white bloomers, and black slippers.

In Alter Memory during the hot spring scene in Episode 5, Rachel is seen wearing a dark blue one-piece bathing suit with red lines on both sides of her bathing suit but retains her look.

Rachel bears an incredibly striking resemblance to Raquel Alucard, save that the two have a very different dress sense, have different eye colors, hair style and a difference in appearance of age.

Powers & Abilities

Rachel believes herself to be one of the most powerful individuals in BlazBlue, making it a point by often looking down upon others, unamused or not fazed by the attempts of her opponents, no matter how hard they fight. In battle she employs her familiars, Nago and Gii to do most of the fighting for her. It is also stated that she has mastered the art of sorcery; in direct combat, she is shown having control of wind and lightning. Her feats of power range from creating portals, to turning her clothes in weapons such as forks, knives, and swords. Rachel's heightened power comes from her possession of the Sankishin known as Tsukuyomi. Boasting the ultimate defense, Tsukuyomi was able to block and completely nullify a blast from the Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi. Rachel's Drive is known as Silpheed which employs the use of her control over the element of wind to alter the flow of battle by affecting all, from the combatants to projectiles

As of Continuum Shift, she lost much of her overwhelming power after forsaking her status as an Observer. However, she still retains the ability to fight.




  • Rachel's behavior some how resembles Lili from Tekken series. Both of them do have a butler. Ironically her butler Valkenhayn and Lili's butler, Sebastian are playable in their respective series.
  • Rachel's last name is a reference to the popular epithet Alucard which is merely Dracula spelled backwards and was first used in the 1943 film The Son of Dracula. Since then it has been been used frequently in various media.
  • Rachel's birthday, October 31, is celebrated as Halloween in Ireland and the United States.
  • Unlike every other character in the game, when attacked with lightning from another Rachel, she just seems to ignore it (but Nago and Gii gets shocked). The other three characters who don't appear with human skeletons are Hakumen, Hazama and Arakune. Also, Nago and Gii take nearly all damage inflicted on Rachel in her place, with Gii blocking for Rachel in her blocking animations no matter how far he is from her, and Nago getting hit for Rachel instead.
  • Even though she's a vampire, she dislikes drinking blood. She has only succumbed to her thirst once, with Ragna being her first and only victim.
  • Rachel's unlimited form allows for the use of Sword Iris without having to use Tiny Lobelia before hand. Use of Tiny Lobelia, however, also fires three shots at once, instead of a single one. George XIII also lasts much longer, essentially being near invulnerable and being able to attack multiple times, but is placed on a separate charge meter. Her wind gauge also regenerates much faster.
  • Rachel and Bang both share a dislike of bell peppers.
  • In Continuum Shift Rachel, is shown to get very jealous at the thought of another female character eating alongside Ragna, another note to her having strong feelings for him.
  • Most of Rachel's special moves, her Distortion Drives and her Astral Heat are all named after different species and genuses of plants, such as Tiny Lobelia, Baden-Baden Lily and Tempest Dahlia.
  • The name of Rachel's Drive, Silpheed, refers to Sylphid (or simply Sylph), the name of a mythological creature that represents the element of air and wind.
  • In Gallery Mode in Continuum Shift, there are two additional voice clips of Rachel chanting the incantation for the Tsukuyomi Unit.
  • Rachel is a playable character in the MMO: Lost Saga. Other playable characters from BlazBlue include Ragna, Jin, Hazama, Hakumen and Platinum.
  • Fate Testarossa from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series bears a striking visual resembalance to Rachel. And like Rache she too uses lightning attacks.
  • Alongside Ragna, Jin and Noel, Rachel is a playable character in the MOBA game, Chaos Heroes Online.
  • In BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Rachel guides the player through Tutorial Mode, while in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, she guides the player through the Advanced- Expanding on Combos section of Tutorial mode.

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