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Radio is the main character in the film The Brave Little Toaster and its direct-to-video sequels.

Physical Appearance

He is a red vacuum tube-based dial alarm Radio who lacks an anthropomorphic face, except that his yellow dial with its red pointer is possibly his eye and that his speaker is possibly his (immovable) mouth.


He is a loud and pretentious radio who used to lives in an old cottage for years without the Master around. He is one of Toaster's four sidekicks who joins in on a quest to find the Master. When finding the Master, he navigates with his radio signal to direct his friend to the city. At the Parts Shop, Elmo St. Peters captures Radio and tries to take him apart to sell his radio tubes, and the appliances rescues Radio by scaring Elmo and knocked him out cold.


  • Radio is voiced by Jon Lovitz in the first film and Roger Kabler in the sequels.
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