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Rafael "Raf" Esquivel is a very intelligent 12-year-old kid that knows how to hack into any technology, which usually comes in handy. Bumblebee is his guardian. He is very smart, and he is the youngest of the 3 kids who are official members of Team Prime. He enjoys video games.


Being a pre-teen and the youngest of the group, Raf is understandably timid but he is loyal and dedicated to the Autobots, especially his friend and protector, Bumblebee. When the situation calls for it, he can muster the courage he needs to complete the task at hand. His kind and pure demeanor has an effect on those around him, particularly the strict Ratchet, who states, when Raf is almost killed by Megatron, "[He has] grown to need him."


Despite his young age, Raf is a skilled computer expert, hacker, and well-informed of various subjects, which comes in handy from time to time for his friends and the Autobots, and he has sometimes assisted Ratchet in mechanical engineering while also using his hacking skills to delete pics or articles on conspiracy sites regarding the bots or cons. One of his crowning achievements was designing a source-code and virus for Ratchet to download into Laserbeak that copied the entire Iacon Database into the Autbots' computer mainframe, right under Soundwave's metaphorical nose, a feat of hacking for which Ratchet praised Raf as a genius.

On a side-note, he is the only human shown thus far capable of understanding Bumblebee.



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