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Rafael McCall is a supporting character in the MTV show, Teen Wolf. He is an FBI special agent, Scott's father as well as Melissa McCall's ex-husband.

He was portrayed by Matthew Del Negro.



In the past, Rafael lived with his family in Beacon Hills. However, he was an alcoholic which led to an argument between him and Melissa. Scott, still young had come to see them and while wanting to take him back to his room, Rafael accidentally knocked Scott down the stairs. The incident, although Scott cannot currently remember it, caused Melissa to kick Rafael out of the house. After which, Rafael never returned and moved to San Fransisco to work in the FBI.

Teen Wolf

Rafael is mentioned in the first two seasons but never by name. He first appears in Season 3 when he was sent to Beacon Hills to investigate supernatural occurrences and murders. He also investigated the disappearances of his ex-wife, Sheriff Stilinski and Mr. Argent. He stayed in town longer than expected so he could deal with Stilinski's demotion as sheriff, believing he is incapable of solving the mysteries of Beacon Hills. Rafael returns in Season 4 to, this time, investigate the crimes of assassins hired by the "Benefactor". He saves Stiles by killing the Chemist who was going to shoot the teen in the head.

He then returns to San Francisco and only appears again in Season 6. He is contacted by Sheriff Stilinski to help fight Gerard Argent, Tamora Monroe and their army of werewolf hunters. He claimed to Monroe that he was sent to take teenage werewolves Jiang and Tierney in a van, though they were killed by the driver afterwards. In the next episode, Rafael is in Monroe's office questioning Nolan Holloway about the murder of Jiang and Tierney. In the final episode, it is seen that Rafael has been imprisoned by the corrupt cops so he won't help Scott and his friends. He was, however, freed by Stilinski and his deputy Parrish and the three went to the hospital. They then intercepted hunters and Parrish burned their weapons with his Hellhound powers, surprising Rafael who humorously asks how to do this. He is last seen with Stilinski removing Gerard's weapons from the shed where they were.


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