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Rafe is a character from the seventh Pokemon Movie: Destiny Deoxys. He is the older brother of Audrey and Kathryn.


Rafe is a calm and collected young man who thinks before he acts. He is protective of his sisters and cares for his Pokémon and friends. He can become cocky or condescending after a victory as seen when he defeated Ash and Tory.


Rafe is a skilled Pokémon Trainer who came to LaRousse City with his twin sisters Audrey and Kathryn, as well as his friends Sid and Rebecca, to compete at the Battle Tower. On his way to the Battle Tower, he and his group met Ash Ketchum and his friends. When Rafe and Sid participated at the Battle Tower, their first match was against Ash and Tory Lund. He and Sid won easily due to Tory's inexperience with Pokémon.

When Deoxys' clones began abducting people and Pokémon, Rafe was able to fend off the clones that came near his group with the help of his Blaziken, Ash, and Pikachu. Later, Rafe helped free the abducted citizens of LaRousse City. He also worked to restore energy to regenerate the body of the other Deoxys.


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