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A boy? Months of attacking Imperial targets, and Vader sends a boy to fight me?
~ Rahm Kota on Darth Vader's Apprentice.
You're a Jedi, boy! Size means nothing to you. Reach out with the Force and grab that ship, or you will die on this trash heap!
~ Kota to Starkiller on the star destroyer.
By the Force, I knew you were alive.
~ Kota to Galen's clone, Starkiller.

Rahm Kota is a respected Jedi master and general and a hero in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.


Early life

Kota was once a Jedi studying under Yoda. He later became a Jedi Master and fought in the Clone Wars. However, he saw clones unfitt for battle so had his own battlion. When Order 66 came out, Kota survived since none of his troops were clones.

Fighting the Empire

Vader thinks he's turned you. But I can sense your future. And Vader won't always be your master. I sense only... Me?
~ Kota to Starkiller, before the latter blinds him.

After Order 66, Kota went to hiding like the other surviving Jedis and plotted to take down the Empire. Darth Vader sent his apprentice Galen Marek to take down Kota. Kota's men were defeated by Galen who later came in confront with Kota. Galen managed to defeat Kota and get his lightsaber.

As a result of his duel, Rahm became blind and went to Bespin to drink away the pain, stating he lost his control with the force. Rahm also lost his fellow allies that he was contact with, such as Shaak Ti and Kazdan Paratus, whom were killed by the apprentice. Becoming a blind drunk, he was later found by Starkiller when the latter needed allies to defeat Darth Sidious, reluctantly agreeing after fighting Empire troops.


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