Raiden Beta is the blue counterpart of the protagonist ship Raiden (fighter) as the second playable ship. Like its original counterpart, it debuted in Raiden.

In the original Raiden games, the Raiden β is simply a clone of its red counterpart, and can use the same weapons. In Raiden DX, Raiden MK. IIβ (Player 2) side starts with a stock of Cluster Bombs, as opposed to the Raiden Mk. II starting with the Thermonuclear Bombs.

In Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet, it moves faster than the Raiden Mk-II, and has the spread Vulcan with Nuclear Missiles. It uses the Cluster Bomb as its bomber attack. However, this ship has different capabilities and bomber than the Raiden Mk. II.

Raiden Mk. IIβ returns with it's red cousin in the revival of the main series, Raiden III, a little more detailed than the classic depictions.



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