Raiden is a series of protagonist starfighters in Raiden series.It is also manufactured by Vanguard for Crystal Destruction.


Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter

Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter is the original fighter in the first Raiden game. It is made in 2090 before being replaced in 2092 by both Raiden mk-II and Raiden mk-IIβ. It is capable of using the Vulcan and Laser, but lacks the Lock-on Plasma Beam and Proton Laser. It uses both the homing and nuclear missiles.

Raiden Mk. II

Raiden Mk. II is the protagonist ship of the popular Raiden series. First appearing as the P1 ship in Raiden II, Raiden Mk. II had many appearances in the Raiden sequels as well.

Raiden Mk. II is known as the one that carries the Lock-On plasma, Homing Missiles, and the traditional mega bomb (in Raiden Fighters), although in Raiden X, it changes color when obtaining a different firepower. The Raiden Mk. II, along with the Raiden Mk. IIβ, makes cameo appearances in DemonStar as playable ships and reprise their description from Raiden II, with very few changes.

Raiden Mk. II returns in the PS2 revival of the Raiden series, Raiden III, when it was last seen in Raiden DX, the same firepower, but a little more detailed than it's retro depictions. It has also appeared in Raiden IV as a DLC character. Mk. II will return in Raiden V.

The Raiden Mk. II along with a few other Raiden fighters like Judge Spear, make cameos as playable ships in a game known as Xeno Fighters EX, and it's remake, Xeno Fighters EX-R, created by JudgeSpear, the same creator of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.

Raiden β

Main article: Raiden Beta

Fighting Thunder ME-02

This ship debuted in Raiden III.


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