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Raine Sage, also known as Refill Sage is a protagonist in Tales of Symphonia. She is Genis Sage's older sister, and she holds an occupation as the school teacher of the village of Iselia.

She is voiced by Yumi Tōma in the Japanese version of the game, and by Kari Wahlgren and Tara Platt in the English version of the game.


Raine’s family is not well known at the beginning of the game. The only known fact is that she has a younger brother, Genis, and that she has been acting like a mother for him. Later in the game, when the group travels to Exire, the floating city of half-elves, Raine discovers that her mother, Virginia, is actually living there. She and her friends go to visit her, but when they arrive they discover that Virginia is in a greatly disturbed state, and thinks a doll she is cradling is a baby Raine. They realize that Virginia has become delusional and amnesiac, perhaps from the trauma of abandoning her children and losing her husband, and is permanently stuck in her own past. When the group asks her about Genis, Virginia is surprised that they knew what she would name her second-born if it was a boy. Furious at her mother's amnesia, she yells at Virginia before running out in tears. However, Raine receives Virginia's diary from the elder of Exire, which reveals the reason she was abandoned with Genis. The Imperial Research Academy from Sybak was desperate to take the already very intelligent Raine, and possibly Genis as well, to raise and study at the Academy. In order to prevent the Imperial Research Academy from reaching them, Virginia and her husband, Kloitz, constantly fled. It was while they were escaping from their pursuers that Raine fell from a ship into the ocean, causing her aquaphobia.

Eventually, Virginia decided to put Raine and Genis through the portal of the Otherworldly Gate, hoping to give them a brighter future in the fabled land of Sylvarant. Shortly thereafter, she and her husband collapsed in the Ymir forest, presumably in an attempt to return, and were found by the Elder of Exire. Kloitz died, and Virginia was taken to Exire. Raine and Genis eventually learn that their mother abandoned them because she thought it was a way of protecting them, not because they were a burden.


  • Raine is very similar to Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII. Both of them act as teachers to the protagonists despite only being slightly older than them.


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