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Rajah is a minor protagonist of Disney's remake of the 2019 film, Aladdin. He is Jasmine's protective pet bengal tiger and best friend.


Aladdin (2019)

Rajah is is Jasmine's pet tiger and best friend, he can be aggressive and violent towards anyone he does not like for good reason; for example, after Anders arrives from Skanland in a failed attempt to become a potential husband for the princess of Agrabah, when the arrogant prince gets too close and attempts to pet the tiger, he attacks him (off-screen). Rajah met Aladdin (prior to him returning to Agrabah as prince "Ali Ababwa") when he sneaked into the palace to return Jasmine's bracelet, which belonged to her late mother, which Abu stolen, later when Aladdin returns prince "Ali Ababwa" persona, in order to be with Jasmine as the law states that the princess can only marry a prince, when he attempts to impress presser, it goes horribly wrong, due to him being awkward around her.

Later that night, when Aladdin arrives in Jasmine's bedroom (with help from Carpet) to apologise for his awkward behaviour, she orders Rajah not to attack, however, when the tiger approaches him, believing he was going to attack the latter, after she had told him not to, Rajah lick him across the face, much to her surprise, unlike Jasmine at first, he recognises Aladdin immediately; due to the tiger's strong sense of smell, as the two had previously met.



Rajah is known as a loyal, caring, brave, friendly, protective, rambunctious, suspicious, kind, strong, respectful, attentive, judicious, altruistic and hard-working tiger.


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  • Unlike Rajah's animated counterpart; he met Aladdin (prior to him returning to Agrabah as prince "Ali Ababwa").

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