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Ramón is one of the heroes in The King of Fighters series. He is a luchador who makes extensive use of high-flying, a well-known characteristic of Lucha Libre.


A famous Luchador in Mexico, Ramón was born as one of the less fortunate children in the country, extremely poor and carrying the hardships that come with it. However, the guy never took upon himself to become sour whose life has been most unkind, as he was always upbeat and hoped for a better future.

Ramón grew up to become a luchador, a quite beloved one and strong at that, so good that he was scouted to become an Agent and participate in the 2000 edition of the King of Fighters tournament; he was scouted by Vanessa to become part of the Hero Team for that year, in order to investigate and trace NESTS actions around that tournament.

Ramón became a freelance agent after that, continuing his career as a luchador but always being in waiting whenever his services are to be requested; while Ramon has a strong sense of justice, his willingness to remain as an agent may have to do with Vanessa, he became quite smitten by her, with the two trading flirts and teasing playfully each other.

Ramón returns in XIV, as the founder and leader of Team Mexico, accompanied by King of Dinosaurs and Angel. His goal is to represent Mexico and doesn't mind that Angel was a NESTS member.


Ramón is a very affable guy that loves to play with children and flirt with girls. But he seems to have an obsession for Vanessa and will often flirt with her. While his affections are sometimes discouraged, he nonetheless remains determined to woo her. During his fights, Ramon will often mock his opponents. Despite this trait, Ramón has a strong sense of justice, as he is quite willing to aid others, particularly Vanessa, whom he is smitten with.

Skills & Abilities

Ramón is high-flyer luchador. He uses moves like the crossbodies, drop kicks, spinning heel kicks and suplexes. His tiger theme, as well as his moves such as his desperation move, Tiger Spin, allude to the anime character and real life professional wrestler, Tiger Mask.


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