S1e5b Goats on left side

Ram Guards are Ram warriors inhabitants on Baaaaa-halla. Their leader is Prince Cashmere and their enemy, apart of Lord Hater and Lord Dominator, is the troll who tries to steal their food during a feast.


They're anthropomorphic alien goats who dress as vikings and uses spears as weapons. They's pure of heart and very proud, especially after Wander and Sylvia taught them how to overcome the troll.


While visiting Baaaaa-halla, the Prince Cashmere and Ram Guards's planet, Wander and Sylvia encounter this mean and greedy troll who's been trying to steal the food for the big feast Prince Cashmere and his companies are holding. The troll insults the Ram Guards and every time he does so, he gets bigger and stronger, so he combats the goats with ease. Sylvia is determined to help the Ram Guards fight the creature, but Wander doesn't help the right way and sits out, making the fight worse, but it might be helpful. Sylvia also ends understanding what makes stronger to the troll and takes example of his friend. Finally, Cashmere and the Ram Guards understand that their offenses is that make stronger to the troll and ignores him insults, thus making the troll shrank until dissapear.

Ram Guards and Prince Cashmere are seen in "The End of the Galaxy" to aid Wander and a group of rebels to fight Lord Dominator.

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