The Steel Brave, Kyoryu Cyan!
~ Kyoryu Cyan

Ramirez (ラミレス Ramiresu?), also known as Kyoryu Cyan (キョウリュウシアン Kyōryū Shian?), was chosen by the Zyudenryu Ankydon 500 years ago, to be the "Steel Hero" (鋼の勇者 Hagane no Yūsha?). He appears in the present day in spirit form to grant the current-generation Kyoryugers the power of Ankydon.


As Ramirez is a Spirit, he doesn't have a Gaburivolver to transform, mainly due to the fact that the guns were made well past Ramirez's time; instead, he directly uses the Brave in his Zyudenchi to transform. After activating his Zyudenchi, Ramirez raises the it above his head and announces “Spirit Ranger, Fire!” (スピリットレンジャー、ファイヤー! Supiritto Renjā, Faiyā!?). The Battery fires a Brave construct of Ankydon's head, flies around Ramirez and then goes behind him, “biting” down to create the suit and outer part of the helmet. The helmet then bites down to complete itself after the suit slims Ramirez down a bit.

Kyoryu Cyan


Kyoryu Cyan

~ Transformation announcement


  • MoBuckle: Zyudenchi storing belt and communicator.
  • Zyudenchi #7 - Ankydon: Main battery-like device that is the source of Ramirez's powers and possibly his life.
  • Spirit Hammer


  • ZyuDenRyu #7: Zyudenryu Ankydon


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