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Ramona is a minor protagonist in the game Dragalia Lost. Initially introduced at launch as the person in charge of upgrades and weapon crafting, she eventually became a playable character with the facility event "Flames of Reflection" having her and her sisters as the main protagonists.


Ramona has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a white shirt with armor over it. She wears to short boot with leggings, and a pair of gloves for smithing.


The middle child of the blacksmith sisters, blessed with the ability to manipulate the temperature of flames. Gruff yet responsible, she leads her sisters in honoring their father's legacy with unyielding passion.



Ramona and her sisters were raised by their father, a blacksmith named Regis, who was a close friend of Ranzal's. As the sisters grew up, Regis taught them how to become blacksmiths themselves. With the knowledge passed down to them, each sister developed a skill of their own which they put to use in smithing. One day their father became fatally sick. Despite their best efforts to help him recover, he eventually passed away, leaving them to run the business in his honor.

When Ranzal pays them a visit, bringing along a new friend of his named Euden, the sisters inform him of what become of Regis, and they offer to make the weapons they need. Upon finding out Euden is fighting the Dyrenell Empire, they become a bit hesitant to help until they Euden mentions building a smithy, which gets them to provide him full support as having a smithy in the Halidom provides them with proper protection.

With the details all settled, the sisters pack everything up to move their business into the Halidom.

Flames of Reflection

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