Now THAT's a roar, Boog.
~ Ranger Beth

Ranger Beth, or simply just Beth (possible name Elizabeth), is a supporting character from the Sony Animation Pictures' 2006 animated film Open Season.

She is voiced by Debra Messing.


Open Season

Boog and Beth go in the red truck to see Gordy. Suddenly, Shaw pulls up at Gordy's office and starts to fight with Beth while Boog found Elliot, who was presumed deceased after getting ran over by Shaw's truck. After Boog and Elliot gotten into a fight, she sends Boog and Elliot in the forest.Beth later returns to take Boog back home where he will be safe, but instead, he stays with his friends and all animals live in the forest, Beth then leaves after seeing he made friends.


Beth has fair skin and red hair usually tied in a ponytail.


Beth is a kind, good-natured park ranger who loves animals. She's the one who found Boog as a small cub and raised him.


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