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What are you waiting for? GO!

~ Smith calling out Yogi.

Ranger Smith is the anti-hero of the Yogi Bear cartoons. He is only intending to keep Yogi and Boo-Boo from stealing food from people. Ranger Smith is voiced first by Daws Butler in the cartoons, second he plays Officer Smith in Yo Yogi, and later played by Tom Cavanagh in the live-action/CGI film. Unlike the animated series, where he acts like an authority figure and minor antagonist on the show. Sometimes, he lets it go.

In the Yogi Bear live-action/CGI film, Smith is the deuteragonist.


He is the authority figure in Jellystone Park, in contrast to the antics of the troublesome Yogi, and he greatly disapproves of Yogi's picnic basket thievery. Interesting to note, his character was not yet conceptualized in the original shorts on The Yogi Bear Show. Ranger Smith's relationship with Yogi seems to change with every episode. Sometimes he's very friendly with Yogi and was even reluctant to send him to a zoo in one episode; in other episodes, he wants nothing more than to send Yogi to a zoo. There seems to be a deep down if not grudging respect for Yogi. Although the two have a somewhat antagonistic relationship, if serious trouble were to befall one of them, the other, out of sheer guilt, usually attempts to rescue them.


Ranger Smith

Officer Smith

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