Ranger Dana Tabes
Ranger Tabes is a ranger who is first seen in "Ranger Tabes" and makes her reappearance in "Creature Mysteries", which is also the debut of her introduction into the main cast as a secondary character.

She is voiced by Cameron Esposito.

She's an outgoing person who is very dedicated to and passionate about her job. Her childhood dedication was becoming a ranger after her mom; more specifically becoming a ranger and tracking down a mysterious creature that had saved her as a child. She was only able to ever catch a small glimpse of the creature.


Tabes has a muscular build and appears physically strong as well. She has curly, medium-length ginger hair and is always seen wearing her ranger hat. She has large lips, freckles, and appears to have wings along her eyes. She's always seen wearing her ranger's uniform: a light green polo, moss green jeans with black boots and a tool belt with a golden buckle. She also wears a name tag on her chest.

Ranger Tabes

When the Bears called a police station to get assistance in retrieving a package that hadn't arrived when it was supposed to, they sent Ranger Tabes over to help them.

Creature Mysteries

Tabes calls the bears over to the station in need of their assistance. When the three arrive at night, they're greeted by a rather frightened Ranger Martinez, who is introduced when Tabes arrives shortly thereafter. She gives the three a tour around the station before bringing up the reason they were invited in the first place; in order to help her solve a mystery.


  • Tabes was originally designed with braces.
  • Cameron Esposito, once described Tabes as a "feminist park ranger".
  • In "Creature Mysteries", the first mention and appearance of Tabes' mother can be seen in a photograph on Ranger Tabes' desk.


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