Ranjan is the tetartagonist of The Jungle Book 2.

He is voiced by Conner Funk.

Role in the Film

Ranjan looks up to Mowgli as an older brother (not just as an adopted brother) in the film. He's the toddler son of the Village Chief and Messua. Ranjan is the "little tyke" of the cast, because he is influenced by Mowgli's stories to be a wild, fun loving child. But he can, in fact, be serious when he has to. For example, when Shanti was hypnotized by Kaa, Ranjan ramptly beats him with a stick, saving Shanti's life. Ranjan sees Shanti as a responsible sister, giving him a reason to allow her to hold his hand, or baby him. Although when he sees a sign that Mowgli was near, Ranjan darts off without a care in the world. At the end of the film, he is seen playing with Bagheera's tail before riding on top of him.


Ranjan is about four years old. He is small and a little fat. His hair is short and black and his eyes are brown in color. He is always barefooted. The only piece of clothing he wears is a blue loincloth around his waist.


Ranjan is very energetic and is interested by life in the jungle. He seems to like tigers, shown by the fact that he continuously tries to roar like one. He also does not like it when he can't stay up past his bed time. When Mowgli showed Ranjan how to get a banana from a tree in a method he learned in the jungle, Ranjan was impressed and ate the banana in delight. But when Shanti showed Ranjan how to peel a mango using a technique she learned in the village, he was pleased even more and proceeded to eat the mango. Ranjan will also lie about his hunger when he wants to get something done quickly, as shown when wants to skip breakfast in order to beat Shanti to the river so that he could play a prank on her. Ranjan is shown to be chubby, meaning he either eats a lot or has his father's genetics.


He is voiced by Conner Funk.



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