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Raoul is a break-dancing street punk carjacker with a bandana, a mullet-ponytail, a rhinestone-studded leather jacket and a heart of gold and an ally of the Autobots and Tracks' ally too from The Transformers G1 cartoon show.


In the episode, Make Tracks, Raoul mistook Tracks as an ordinary car that he attempted to steal it, But then he helped Tracks to thwart the Decepticons plot to invade New York City using remote control vehicles.

Raoul would run across Tracks and the Decepticons again, when he and his gang, the "Bop Crew" ended up in the middle of the Decepticons who are planning to mind control the humans into the building which they are to some awesome tunes in the nightclub Dancitron.

Some time later, Raoul and his posse, the "Bop Crew", were having trouble with some nightclub called the Dancitron. Pursued by thugs from the club, they were bailed out by Tracks and Blaster, who were investigating Decepticon activity. While the Autobots went to investigate the club, the Bop Crew were taking an elevated train when it went out of control. Fortunately the two Autobots were on hand to save the day, and Tracks and Raoul went back to check out the Dancitron. On the way, they discovered hypnotised people working on a building, something that turned out to be part of a scheme that Starscream and Soundwave were cooking up using the totally awesome tunes played at the Dancitron (Those tunes being "Cold Slither" and big band music, because the Charleston was totally all the rage in the 80s). Tracks and Raoul reached the club, only to be attacked by both hypnotised humans and the two Decepticons. Raoul quickly discovered the cure for the hypnotizing effects—water—and tripped the sprinkler systems.


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