Rara is one of supporting characters of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion & Ginga: The Last Wars. He is brother of Shirozaru, Muu and adopted grandson of Akame.




Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

Rara was born in Miyah as a domestic dog and due to an oath he was not allowed to become Iga's ninja dog. When Akame is thought to have died in the Ōu volcano, Rara is free to go with Shirozaru and Mu to .

Rara rescues Sasuke with Shirozaru and Muu when the Kamakiri brothers attack him. Rara is also involved in rescuing Bella. He take Bella to safety, and Rara returns to his owner to watch Bella, who is owned by her neighbor.

Rara apparently returned to Ōu after noticing Bella's escape.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Rara is at the beginning of the story on Mount Mien Akame with his brothers, Weed's children and a few other dogs.

Later, Akame runs to indicate that the Monsoon have attacked Ōuun. Rara immediately sets off with the troops. They are waiting for Yamabiko Kurohabaki's packs in the Kyoto Mountains, but after two days they decide to leave before Ōu. Orion and Yamabiko's packs join later and arrive at Nagano to Unsai. The United Dog Army then heads towards Ōu.

As the troops stop in Kunim, Unsai orders four reconnaissance teams in all major directions of the Futago Pass. Unsai assigns Rara and his brothers to the West as the fourth group, and the rest appear to be leading it.

At night, the rest of the group meets Cross, Maru and Sunny, who are staying at Daisuke's house. They tell Cross, among other things, the intelligence teams heading to the Futago Pass, and they themselves get information from Cross. The brothers eat the dog food offered by Daisuke and are then leaving, but suddenly Bob appears on the rock. Cross tries to persuade him to come down, but Bob escapes. Cross commands Rara, Shirozaru and Muu to Bob, but also tells them not to be too fierce about this.


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