Ratatoskr is an organization and major supporting protagonists from the light novel series Date A Live.

The organization was created for the purpose of resolving the spatial quakes without killing the Spirits and instead saving them through conversation. As stated by Kotori, "The organization called Ratatoskr was an organization created for Shido's sake."

The organization known as Ratatoskr is only known (probably) by the upper level of the government and high ranking military officials. The Ratatoskr Command center is on the airship <Fraxinus>, while their headquarters is located elsewhere (its location is still unstated).

Known Members of Ratatoskr



  • Fraxinus's Realizers appear to be made by the Asgard Company.
  • Fraxinus can be translated into Ash in English or Latin Spear (which resemble ship's head).
  • Ratatoskr is based on the messenger squirrel that travels across the Norse world tree Yggdrasil, it's emblem symbolizes a squirrel's tail. The motif of the head of the Ratatoskr Machinery is a squirrel with a nut, which Kotori uses as the stuffed animal for the audio feed in the Light Novels.
  • The term "Ratatoskr" may be derived from the Old Norse Myth where ratatoskr is a "Drill-Tooth Squirrel" which is a messenger that climbs up and down the world tree of "Yggdrasil" that is connected to the 9 worlds. It may symbolize how the group intervenes in matters from above and beyond the common knowledge of regular people (Which are the Unidentified Entities like the Spirits.) To protect those who are in the Bottom(Which are the regular Human beings.) or "Ratatoskr" maybe the so called messenger from those who are above and acts on their behalf.
  • Ratatoskr was formed by Elliot Woodman to stop Wescott after he left the D.E.M. 30 years ago.
  • Ratatoskr seems to be responsible for the creation of many dating sim games in the series, the people playing these dating sims are unaware that they're helping Ratatoskr through them.
    • When the Fraxinus needed name ideas when Tohka asked Shido to name her, Hiroto's dating sim game asked for a name idea.
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