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Note: This is the Reboot version of Rath, For his Prime Counterpart, See Here

Rath is one of Ben Tennyson's alien egos from Ben 10 Reboot.

He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Rath resembles that of a large humananoid tiger with the Ominitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Rath demonstrates enhanced strength, able to punch through a solid wall and lift a Cascan with ease.

Rath's black claws are retractable, and can be used to slice or stab objects or enemies. These claws are also resistant against a Pyronite's fireballs.

Rath is an extremely acrobatic fighter, as he has demonstrated numerous fighting tactics.

Just like an Earth cat, Rath possesses both enhanced jumping and senses, and can climb up surfaces quickly and effortlessly. He can combine this with his strength to carry extra weight while climbing.

Rath is shown to be extremely durable, as shown when he managed to survive a rough fall from a cliff.

Rath has enhanced dexterity as he can run on all fours.


His existence hinted in the episode "Animorphosis" when Dr. Animo temporarily transformed himself into an Appoplexian after injecting himself with genetic material he extracted from the Omnitrix, Ben acquired access to Rath in season three following the Omnitrix's reboot.

Ben gets frustrated when the Omnitrix reboot for 5 days. But, when it got done, Ben got 3 New Aliens; Slapback, Rath & Humungousaur (Which replaced Grey Matter, Overflow and Wildvine which are now off the playlist with Upgrade).


  • Unlike his Classic Continuity counterpart, Rath is not afraid of water.



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