322px-Rattle Shake Promo Art
Go ahead- Snake my Day!
~ Rattle Shake's official catchphrase
Rattle Shake is a rattlesnake cowboy in Skylanders: Swap Force. He is voiced by Troy Baker, who also voiced Sunburn and Brock.


Some say Rattle Shake was the best tracker in the Cloudbreak Islands. Others say he could strike the center of a gold coin at a thousand paces. But the legend of Rattle Shake was immortalized when he found himself trapped by the Black Hat Gang, the infamous group of cowboys who literally were large cows… and evil ones at that.

They threatened to plunder the local village unless Rattle Shake led them inside the magical volcano Mt. Cloudbreak, where they hoped to discover enchanted treasure. Badly outnumbered, the ever calm Rattle Shake magically summoned every snake in the area and overtook the notorious bovines in an epic fight. The tale of his heroism was heard by Master Eon, who then recruited him to the Skylanders.


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