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Rose Wilson aka, Ravager, is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. She is a member of the Teen Titans and the illegitimate daughter of Deathstroke.

Ravager made her first live appearance in the second season of the television series of Arrow, played by Summer Glau. This version was Isabel Rochev who was initially a partner at Queen Consolidated with Oliver Queen, however she was revealed to be allied with Deathstroke and bankrupted the company and its shares. Chelsea Zhang portrays Rose Wilson in the second season of Titans.


While initially Rose worked as a mercenary and protege to her father over time Slade Wilson's socipathy became more and more apparent to Rose and she left her father's side, instead siding with his nemesis Nightwing as a Teen Titan.


Though originally trained as a stoic mercenary of seemingly emotionless stature Rose is highly conscientious and concerned for others. Rose has a soft spot for children and is an over all Good Samaritan.

Rose has always sought her father's approval even after coming to terms with his irredeemable nature, because of her training though she is capable of moving passed such feelings when lives are on the line and often fights Deathstroke with lethal force.

Skills and Abilities

Ravager was given training similar to her father and is an expert sword and gun wielder. Due to her father's genetic augmentations Rose was born with enhanced endurance, speed and strength. Like her half-brother, Joseph, Rose found herself born with psionic abilities, however unlike Joseph's power to possess people Rose's psionic powers only extend to minor mental shielding and precognitive abilities.

Rose has little to no training in her mental abilities and they only occasionally help her. At the end of the day Rose is far more reliant on her enhanced physical skills and training than her minor psionic powers.

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