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Rose Wilson, known by her alias Ravager, is a former villainess and honorary Teen Titan from the Teen Titans Go! comic books (set in the same universe as the 2003 Teen Titans animated TV series). She is the daughter of Slade, though she was never mentioned or seen in the show itself.


Rose is Slade's daughter, According to her, Slade saw her as a pawn or means to his ends. She suffered harsh training and psychological abuse from his part. She often wears a mask that covers her right eye (the inverse of her father's, which covers what remains of his left eye)

In Teen Titans Go! #49, Ravager returns to Jump City in order to defeat the Titans and goes on a rampage. However, after fighting them, Jinx helps Ravager realize that she doesn't have to continue her father's legacy and follow in his footsteps as another enemy of the Titans.

Robin, being empathetic with Ravager's situation, says that he understands what happened to her and she can be better. The Titans offer her a family, telling her that she is free to make her own decisions. Touched by the Titans' words of friendship, she decides to join them. At the end of the issue, she is finally seen smiling with her new friends, relieved that she no longer has to stay in her father's shadow.



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