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Well, look at me. Who wants to be your friend when you're basically the spawn of an intergalactic demon?
~ Raven sharing her insecurities

Raven is a character on the newer animated interpretation and is the tritagonist of Teen Titans spinoff, Teen Titans Go!. Raven is a half-human, half-demon sorceress living on Earth, lending a hand to the super-hero team The Teen Titans. Raven is the token smart member of the team even with the genius Robin and super-genius Cyborg on the team. She is also in love with her team-mate, Beast Boy, who acts as her cheerful and fun-loving foil.

Where Robin uses his smarts for strategy and Cyborg uses his smarts for inventing new gadgets, Raven tends to apply her intellect to basic problem-solving and ancient lore and tries to be the most sophisticated of her team. Raven has a variety of dark powers tied to her demon-half.

She is voiced by Tara Strong.


Out of five Titans, Raven is the only one whose characterization in Teen Titans GO! TV Series remain faithful to that of original 2003 series, as both are portrayed as seemingly emotionless, quiet, intelligent, speaking in monotone, studious, and sarcastic goth girl. Even so, this Raven has livelier side which completely unveiled if she stripped of her cloak: Her brooding side is revealed to be partly a side effect of dark powers in her signature cloak, as anyone who dare to wear the cloak would have their minds corrupted and displayed similar behavior. Also, her relationships with her father Trigon appeared to less antagonistic than in 2003 TV Series, arguably since Teen Titans Go!'s Trigon is portrayed more like a comic relief despite still a threat that must not to be underestimated and genuinely love his daughter despite their odds.

Perhaps due to her being most mature, Raven is the only one whom least prone to behave out of characters unlike the rest of Titans. Even so, she still capable to behave jerkish in her own right for sake if the show's silly format, where she displayed colder, less patient, and snarkier personality at times.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bestowing Powers: It is shown in Super Robin that she can give people powers like her father, Trigon.
  • Duplication: It is also shown in Double Trouble that she can duplicate objects.
  • Enhanced Strength: In Legs as her alter ego Lady Pegasus, her kicks were strong enough to break apart stone, to the point that she used them to carve a statue out of a boulder.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: In Legs, Raven was shown to be a capable hand-to-hand fighter. She only fights with her legs and feet in the episode though.
  • Magic: She is very skilled in casting magic spells which range from creating clones, transformations, and giving life to inanimate objects.
  • Telekinesis: She can control anything that is enveloped in soul-self.
  • Teleportation: She can teleport herself or others anywhere.
  • Purification: When she becomes her true demonic form, she can purify herself with help of lost souls.
  • Raven Attack: She can generate a giant raven made from her soul-self. It is presumed this is her most powerful attack, although it is not known, for both her attempts to use this move have failed.
  • Soul-self: (the dark colored energy she uses is called soul-self)
  • Solid Soul-self Constructs: She can mold anything with the energy from her soul-self, into solid forms like hands, shields, tools, or inter-dimensional portals.


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