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Sometimes, when I feel the darkness come out... it feels good."
~ Rachel Roth to Dick Grayson
Dick: But remember, doesn't matter how strong we are, we can't always change the world.
Rachel: But we can try. We should try.
~ Rachel to Dick.

Raven (real name Rachel Roth) is one of the titular main protagonists of the series Titans. She is the daughter of Angela Azarath and Trigon, a powerful, demonic entity. She becomes a member of the Titans, who come together to protect Rachel from the Organization, her father's fanatic followers. At first afraid of her powers, Rachel embraces them and is predicted to become more powerful than her father one day.

She is portrayed by Teagan Croft.


Early life

Rachel was born February 19, 2005, Michigan to the demon Trigon and his oil follower Angela Azarath. Rachel inherited her father’s demonic powers and abilities, with Trigon and Angela planning to use their daughter’s powers, which served as a key for his return to destroy the Earth and surrounding planets. However, Melissa Roth, a woman Angela claimed to be her friend, adopted the infant Rachel and fleeing to the Saint Paul’s Convent to protect her from her father and his followers. Eventually, they would move to the suburbs of Traverse City, not far from Detroit, where Dick Grayson worked. Growing up, Rachel had several crosses and Christian artifacts which her mom believed would chase away the evil.

Meeting the Titans

One day while suffering from dangerous nightmares, Rachel often had dreamed of a married couple known as the Flying Graysons fall to their deaths with a boy watching in terror. Melissa would often calm her adoptive daughter down before locking the door as Rachel fell into a dreamless sleep. The next morning while having breakfast, Rachel sensed her mother was scared of her, and she could tell she was lying, despite Melissa passing it off. Angered, Rachel's demonic powers began to overwhelm her as Melissa lied. Before the argument could escalate, Rachel left for school, but while she was on the bus, a boy began making fun of her until another boy stood up for her.

She tried to thank the boy who defended her but he ignored her at school. Rachel returned home, and began to apologize to Melissa for the incident that morning; however, she soon found her mother at gunpoint by an arcane acolyte. The acolyte forced Melisa to confess to Rachel that she was not her mother but that it didn't mean she loved her. The fanatic then murdered Melissa by shooting her in the head. Enraged, Rachel's powers overwhelmed her once more, screaming and causing the windows to break. This allowed the girl to flee to the bus station, where she ordered a one-way ticket to Detroit, where Raven visited a soup kitchen. A woman posed as a social worker, but was actually, one of the people after Rachel. To save herself, she threw a rock at a police car driving by, where the police driving it arrested Rachel while also unknowingly saving her from her attempted kidnapper.


At the start of the series, Rachel is afraid of her own powers and soon becomes a runaway teenager. She meets Dick Grayson, Koriand'r and Gar Logan after the murder of her adoptive mother, Melissa.  As the series progresses, she grows more confident in her abilities. As the series continues, Rachel has come to see the Titans as her true family, having strong feelings for Gar, seeing a father/older brother in Dick and a mother figure in Koriand’r.

After remaining with the Amazonians on Themyscira, Rachel has grown more confident in her own powers and to accept that despite losing people, life must go on.

Powers and abilities

Cambion Physiology: being the daughter of the most powerful demon, Trigon, Rachel herself has immeasurable strength in powers and abilities and an enhanced physiology stronger than any human. Despite her young age, Rachel is a powerful sorceress, due to her training under Dick Grayson and the Amazonians of Themyscira. It is predicted that one day she may be even more powerful than her father. At first afraid of her powers, Rachel learns to grow accustomed to them, because of her training on Themyscira, choosing to use her powers to help people rather than hurt them like her father. She is by far, the most powerful member of the Titans.

  • Soul-Self: Its original form was a figure that resembled Rachel when her powers would originally manifest, with black eyes and grey skin. It used to terrorize and mock Rachel, usually feeding on her insecurities whenever she looked into a mirror or her reflection. It also perceives warnings, however, and later helps her overtime. After her rebirth, Rachel's soul-self manifests as black smoke with tints of purple energy. She also has more control of her powers.
    • Super strength: She is far stronger than any human due to her half-Demonic side. She threw Rose Wilson into a table, breaking many of her bones.
    • Illusion Inducement: Like her father, Rachel can create illusions, up to the point where she can sometimes cause herself to perceive the illusion as well. She created an illusion of Bruce Wayne, when he appeared before her, Donna, Kory and Dawn and urging them to reform the Titans.
    • Umbrakinesis: the ability to control and generate darkness
      • Telepathic linking: Rachel has the ability to connect her mind with another being. This can extend to other individual with her dark magic. Rachel used this ability when she linked Dick's and a brainwashed and incapacitated Conner’s minds together, with Rachel acting as the anchor. Via her powers, Dick was able to free the half-Kryptonian from Mercy Graves' control and restore him into the hero he once was
      • Effigy animation: The ability to bring an inanimate object to life. She brought a gargoyle to life, but unfortunately had no control over it, as it killed the man who was trying to abuse Rachel's friend Dani
      • Portal creation: Rachel can create portals, as she is able to bring her father out of his demonic dimension and into their world.
      • Energy absorption: Rachel can absorb magic and energy from others forms. She absorbed the waters and dark, mystical properties of the Lazarus Pit. She turned it into rain to resurrect the fallen citizens of Gotham and induce Scarecrow into the waters’ effect.
  • Telepathy: Rachel has the power to access minds of other people and communicate with people.
    • Memory manipulation: She can access and control other people's memories. She can implant false memories into other people, up to the point people believe them to be the truth. However, she also has the power to alter or delete them.
    • Empathy: Rachel has the power to feel other people’s emotions and have a better understanding of an individual. She could feel that her adoptive mother was afraid of her. She also touched Rita Farr and empathized with her when her elasticity was destabilizing. After Rachel and Garfield took Dick to the Lazarus Pit, she touched Gar’s hand and sensed the love Gar has for their mentor.
      • Healing: Rachel can also heal any wounds or illnesses, leaving no visible indication that it was ever present. She used this power for the first time when she healed the gunshot wound of a deer recently killed by a hunter. By the time Rachel and Garfield walked away from the poor creature, the deer was immediately resurrected. However, Rachel can reverse the effects of a wound she healed. She demonstrated this ability when she healed Dr. Adamson's cut on his throat, only to return the wound to its original state, killing him instantly. Rachel, due to advanced training, could now heal people without side effects, as she easily healed Starfire and Beast Boy without them feeling fatigue or pain.
  • Divination: she has the ability to use her powers for information. Rachel usually has prophetic dreams that warn her. Before she had complete control of her powers, Rachel often had night terrors ass result of these dreams. Before she met Dick Grayson, Rachel had nightmares of the night his parents died, as a terrible recurring dream and suffered from night terrors
  • Sensing: Rachel has the power to sense dark magic or another person's energy. Rachel did this ability when she sensed for Dick's energy when she and Gar found him near to death. She was able to sense the dark magic of the Lazarus Pit and the energies of those who had been there.
  • Telekinesis:
    • Telekinetic blasts: During her fight with Trigon, Raven used this power when she kinetically threw her friends away to protect them from the damage of hers and Trigon’s duel.
    • Teleportation: Rachel uses her soul-self to engulf herself and travel from one place to the next in the form of a gigantic raven.
    • Disintegration: Rachel demonstrated this ability when she defeated her father in combat, instantly vaporizing him into dust.
    • Levitation: When she lost control of her powers, Rachel lifted both and Jason during training.
  • Magic: Most of Rachel’s powers are derived of dark magic but she uses the skills in magic to help people.


  • Indomitable Will: Rachel has an extreme willpower because of her abilities. In her final duel with Trigon, she was able to resist her father’s mind control, a feat that the other Titans couldn't do. Rachel has also become more determined in her powers and abilities due to her time on Themyscira.
  • Skilled Combatant: Rachel’s fighting skills have advanced due to her training under Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. When she engaged Rose Wilson in combat, Rachel easily subdued her, despite Rose’s training under her father Slade Wilson, a very deadly and dangerous assassin. This ability advanced because of Rachel’s training on Themyscira, up to the point she was able to avoid sword strikes while blindfolded during a combat exercise with several Amazons.
  • Skilled Swordsman: After training with the Amazons, Rachel enhanced her sword fighting Skills in edition to her faster reflexes. She handled a sword when fighting the Amazons during her training on Themyscira.


  • Power Instability: On occasion, Raven can lose control of her powers due to lack of training and control. However, her time on Themyscira seems to have helped her gain more control of her powers.



  • Titans marks the first live-action adaptation of Rachel as her previous incarnations of her were animated.
  • Teagan Croft was only thirteen years old during the production of Season 1.
  • Similar to Dick, Rachel dislikes pineapple, at least on pizza.
  • Like Dawn, Rachel is a fan of Game of Thrones with the addition of Full House.


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