Raven the Trickster

In mythology, the raven is mostly depicted as a villain. However, in some retelling of the stories, the raven can sometimes do good deeds as being a hero and turning to the good side.

Notable Examples

Raven Steals the Light

This depiction of the raven is illustrated by Gerald McDermott; this depiction is also depicted as a hero. Somehow, the raven changed himself into a pine needle and fell into a water which a young woman. Somehow later, the daughter of the sky chief gave birth to a boy.

The raven, eventually, was reborn as a young boy in this depiction. The sky chief and the elders gathered around in celebrating the rebirth of the raven. The raven also attempted to grab the box, so his mum got the box for her and the chief told her to given him the ball of light. He turns back into a raven by grabbing the ball of light. The raven also threw the light high in the sky and the people are very impressed with him for bringing the light to the sky.

When Raven Steals the Moon

The raven used to be stubborn in the film until he later gets asked by an eagle to bring back the moon. The raven listens to the eagle by releasing the moon from his mouth, which makes him also a hero.



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