Ray is a minor protagonist in the world of LEGO Ninjago. He was the best friend of Sensei Wu, and the father of Kai and Nya by Maya. He was also the First Elemental Master of Fire.


Back in his youth, he used to fight alongside Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon in many battles. Like his son, Kai, he was headstrong and reckless, but a skilled fighter and a loyal ally.

One night, he and Sensei Wu were searching for samurai bandits, but when he spotted the silhouettes of scarecrows, he mistook them for the bandits and sprung into battle. The next morning, he was forced to apologize to the farmers that owned the scarecrows for his mistake.

Subsequently after young Garmadon departed from Master Chen, a battle between the Elemental Masters and the Serpentine struck.

As the First Master of Fire, Kai and Nya's father fought along with the other powerful masters, however, Chen soon manipulated the Master of Earth to turn against the other masters. Eventually, the Masters of Elements lost the war; despite this, the masters found a new way to defeat the snakes—the used the Sacred Flute as a force to order the Serpentine into their tombs, all but the Anacondrai. The Anacondrai got the harshest punishment: they were're sent to the Cursed Realm.

In fear of his own demise, Sensei Wu made a map to the Golden Weapons, giving it to his friend as he knew he could be trusted.

Later, Sensei Wu wanted him to become a ninja, though he declined to stay at home with his wife to take care of their children and work at Four Weapons Blacksmith. When he passed away, Kai and Nya became the new owners of his blacksmith shop.

Later in The Hands of Time Season, Kai and Nya learned that Ray and Maya were still alive and forced to work for the Acronix and Krux, because Krux forced them to build the armors, the weapons and the vehicles to his army to avenge when he and Maya forged the Time Blades who took the Acronix and Krux's powers. And if they would not agree to it, then Krux threaten Kai and Nya, it was Krux's revenge. But they managed to rescue the evil brothers.


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