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~ Captain Man Catshrase

Captain Man (real name: Raymond "Ray" Manchester) is the overall main protagonist of the Henry Danger franchise. He is the deuteragonist of Henry Danger, and the main protagonist of its sequel Danger Force. He is Henry Hart's, Charlotte Page's,Jasper Dunlop's, and Piper Hart's former boss. He and his mechanic Schwoz are continuing characters in Danger Force as main characters where they are training a new generation of superheroes.

He was portrayed by Cooper Barnes.

Captain Man could be the anti-heroic deuteragonist of Henry Danger due to his reckless and self-absorbed nature which gives him the habit of making really bad decisions and never learning from them.

Background and Origin

Raymond was born to scientist Carl Manchester and an unnamed mother. He was an ordinary human being just like everybody else, who lived in a town called Swellview. But that would all change when one day, 8-year-old Ray, who was skateboarding in his father's laboratory during take your kid to work day, accidentally skated towards his father's indestructible machine, the Trans-molecular Densitizer, pushing the lever in the process and gaining the power of indestructibility. His father saw the whole change and to test this theory, he scanned Ray with a detector to see if he really became indestructible. The results were positive and Carl whacked Ray with the detector in the head, with Ray only feeling pain for a second. With his son now indestructible and happy that he is okay, Carl told Ray he would grow up and do special things. Thus Captain Man was born and he would fight crime in the city of Swellview. He eventually realized he could not do so alone, employing a sidekick, Kid Danger. They fought crime together for about 6 years before Kid Danger's "death".

He never went camping, rode roller coasters, or learned how to ride a bike (he was also pulled out of school by his father, possibly out of fear his newfound powers would harm those around him were he not careful). One motivation for him to fight is when a street gang known as the Wall Dogs vandalized his playhouse when he was still a boy.

Description & Personality

Ray/Captain Man has brown hair, blue eyes, and a strong build. He is immature, yet sarcastic, witty, and funny. He has a fun spirit, a big ego, and likes to be romantic. As shown on several occasions, he hates to lose and wants things to go his way. Ray is also a bit cocky and arrogant at times. When not in uniform, Ray wears casual clothing such as long-sleeved shirts or short-sleeved, jeans, and sneakers. His hair is normal in his civilian form. In Danger Force, He is shown to get sensitive and feels lonely when his former sidekick, Kid Danger is mentioned.

As Captain Man, he wears a blue and red suit with yellow lining and a symbol on his chest resembling a hurricane, tilted. On his face, he wears a blue mask with a yellow line on the top. He wears a black utility belt with his symbol on the buckle. He wears black and red boots and red gloves with black fingers and knuckles and yellow lining. His hair is groomed to the right side.

In Danger Force, he got an upgrade on his suit and wears a blue, red, and silver suit with yellow lining and a symbol on his chest resembling a hurricane, tilted. On his face, he wears a blue mask with a gold line on the top. He wears a black utility belt with his symbol on the buckle. He wears black and red boots and red gloves with black fingers and knuckles and yellow lining. His hair is groomed to the right side.

Powers and Abilities

  • Indestructibility: Having received the power at a young age, he is invulnerable to all sorts of harm, including hits to the head, being shot by a laser cannon, and being blown up by a grenade launcher. However, it should be noted that he gets knockdown/out, doesn't have invincibility to pain, hyper-gamma lights, or even the Memory Wiper (he can still speak/understand people but didn't have any memory of his life when he lost his memory in Sister Twister Part 2). He can only die of aging to old age.
    • Natural Space Oxygen/Vacuum Adaptation: Captain Man is able to breathe in space without the use of an astronaut suit and oxygen tank thanks to his indestructibility, as seen in Space Invaders Part 2. It shown that people can hear him in space as well.
    • Inability to get sick: Due to Ray being struck by the densitizer and becoming indestructible, Ray has been unable to get sick since the age of 8, until the events of Green Fingers, he was somehow affected by the disease Schwoz invented.
    • Thermal Resistance: Ray can survive any high or low temperatures. He once went into lava and didn't burn up but his clothes however did. He also survive being burned up is space when they were returning to earth in Space Invaders Part 2. For some reason he was almost froze to death in the artic in Ox Pox, despite being indestructible and broke out of Phoebe freeze breath, which can freeze a volcano in 3 seconds.
  • Super Strength: He can take down criminals with his fists and feet. He has also shown other signs of super strength, most notably when Phoebe Thunderman froze him solid only for him to break free a few seconds later or when he lift huge weights. However the only person who is his equal is Drex before and after he became indestructible.
  • High Pain Tolerance: In Tears of a Jolly Beetles, after Minyak took his powers away he survives being stab to the neck, hit though a table, burn by Flamethrower to the hand for 8 seconds, and acid that landed on his feet. When he lost his indestructibility again he was able to survive being throw around by Drex.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand-Combatant: Ray has shown to have skill in hand to hand combat as he has been able to hold his own in multiple fights and has been able to do moves such as suplexes. He can fight many enemies at the same time. Ray is also fast enough to dodge and block laser, hit point-blank laser, and catch Henry off guard before he was fastest than him.
  • Expert Driver/Piloting: Ray has been shown to possess pilot skills, as he's able to fly the Man-copter and teach Henry how to pilot a copter in License to Fly. Ray seems to be an experienced driver like in Whistlin' Susie, He drove an old car while sleeping and in Holiday Punch, he drove the Man Rig while fighting criminals.
  • Marksmanship: Like Henry, Ray can shoot with his laser with precision, but has really bad aiming. Captain Man does not have good aim when it comes to using gun-like weapons, such as when he seemingly shot the Space Bug (but it managed to survive) and when he kept firing at Schwoz who was hanging on the roof but missed every time, and when he once tried to shoot a fly with his gun, he missed the fly and instead shot a hole in the elevator door.


  • Jolly Beetle Tears: The beatles are known for their tears, which contain a special en-zine element (like acid) that can either increase (green) or decrease/break down (yellow) molecular density (molecular density is which makes Captain Man indestructible). The beetle's sad yellow tears can make him lose his indestructibility, but it takes a lot of those tears, while the happy green tears can restore it. 
  • Omega Weapon: According to Rick Twittler, he designed an Omega Weapon that can drain Captain Man's powers. It was also shown it can also take away Drex's indestructibility, but Drex still had his claw hand. Schwoz did some test and told Ray that it would be a week before he gets his indestructibility back.
  • Selfishness: At times Ray can be incredibly selfish, and sometimes acts like he can do anything he wants, at times he only thinks and cares of himself in various episodes. As Drex stated, "Captain Man loves what other people talk about him". An example was when he got jealous that Henry was getting his own statue if he moved to Neighborville. He also tries to make himself look good like he called Henry a quitter even though Ray made him quit by telling Henry that he can't leave Swellview, didn't care that Henry couldn't graduate, and planned on having him as his sidekick for the net 30-40 years so can spend the rest of his life defending Swellview when Ray leaves him high and dry, causing him to quit.
    • Arrogance: He is often very arrogant, and at times seems to be a borderline egomaniac. Although most of the time he simply appears harmlessly eccentric, at times he can be greedy, selfish, and mean. His arrogance also creates other problems, such as him being unwilling to admit he was wrong, or accept responsibility for his mistakes and failings. This also makes him be really cocky and has a really bad temper.


  • In an audition tape for Henry Danger, Captain Man's name was originally going to be called Galaxy Glen.
  • He hits on a lot of women.
  • If you look closely at Ray's left cheek, you'll see a faint scar from the fight that took place in the Tears of the Jolly Beetle episode where his face was cut. This is most noticeable during the card game scene in Spoiler Alert, but is also visible in other episodes throughout the series.
  • He has a helicopter known as the Man-Copter that was mentioned in Super Volcano, before making its first full appearance in Danger & Thunder.
  • He also has a ground vehicle called the Man-Van as mentioned in The Danger Begins. It has only appeared in a "Motion Comics" cartoon.
  • Henry, Charlotte, Jasper, Piper, Gooch, Schwoz, Bork, Boris, Laylani, Ray's father Carl, Winnie, Gwen, Drex, Babe Carano, Kenzie Bell, Hudson Gimble, Triple G, Brad Belcher, and Rick Twitler (formerly) are the only people who know that Ray is Captain Man.
  • He doesn't seem to really like his father.
  • As revealed in Danger & Thunder, Captain Man knew Hank Thunderman (also known as the Superhero "Thunder Man"). However, their actual relationship is never revealed. 
  • He hates celery because he thinks it ruins tuna salad. 
  • He has a crush on Kris Hart.
  • When he was a kid, a graffiti gang called the Wall Dogs vandalized his playhouse, causing him to hold a life-long grudge against vandalism.
  • He loves steak.
  • His evil counterpart from Opposite Universe has a beard and mustache.
  • Despite being the city's guardian and savior, he is prone to capture, having been trapped or kidnapped by Swellview's criminals multiple times.
  • It is revealed in Hour of Power that he is allergic to nuts, but he still enjoys them.
    • This is seen again in License to Fly, when he plans to eat a peanut butter sandwich despite his allergy. It is possible that this was a goof, however, since no one seemed alarmed or concerned. It is also possible that he is not allergic to peanuts specifically.
  • He prefers crunchy peanut butter.
  • He is able to play the electric guitar, as shown in Let's Make a Steal.
  • Ray is right-handed, as shown in Mouth Candy when he is seen eating ice cream with the spoon in his right hand and in the episode Birthday Girl Down, where he can be seen writing on the board with the marker in his right hand.
    • However, in Dodging Danger he puts Schwoz's super-powered glove on his left hand and uses that hand to throw dodgeballs, but this could just be a continuity error.
  • Ray seems to consider Henry to be family, as in the episode Secret Beef Ray tells Henry that he's like the little brother or nephew that he never had.
  • There are two things Ray hates in the world, which are:
    1. When a man kidnaps another man's dog to make the other man do things for them.
    2. Celery, because it ruins tuna salad.
  • He likes his French fries warm and his ketchup cold.
  • It is revealed in "Opposite Universe" that his favorite band is "The Hawkins".
  • Ray seems to dislike swearing, as in Danger Games. Dr. Minyak explained his plan to break the dam, to which Ray stated "Hey! Watch your language.", when he thought Minyak was cursing.
  • Ray loves playing the game Sky Whale (from Game Shakers).
  • It is shown in Spelling Bee Hard that Ray is terrible at spelling, which is likely due to the fact that after Ray became indestructible, his father took him out of school and started training him to be a superhero.
  • He tells everyone that he's 36 when he's really 37 (from Part 1: A New Evil).
  • It is revealed in Knight & Danger that he has an aunt who was an amateur lion tamer.
  • Throughout Season 1 and 2, Captain Man’s utility belt didn’t have a Holster for his Phone. Then in the Season 3 hour-long special “Hour of Power”, he had a holster for his phone and since then has had it on his utility belt. 
  • It is revealed in Henry Danger: The Musical that it takes him around an hour and a half or longer to shower.
  • When it comes to negotiations, Ray/Captain Man has been known to escalate a problem even when it is about to be solved. This has occurred twice, in Thumb War, and Holey Moley.
  • Ray is mentioned to make everything about himself as seen in Escape Room.
  • Ray thought the Earth was flat until A Tale of Two Pipers.
  • Ray was stated to be the best fighter in the world but the people who beat him in combat were people he trained like Drex or Future Piper. Barge only defeated him because he was really cocky.
  • Drex stated that "Captain Man is obsessed with himself and what other people think of him" is true because in Escape Room he often makes every grand opening all about himself. In The Beginning of the End he thinks that Swellview in ungrateful because they didn't give him a statue because he has several holidays named after him, a stadium named after him, and exactly twelve streets named after him. He also noted that it was Henry and him saving Mika and Miles but it was the other way around.


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