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Rayla is the tritagonist of the 2018 animated Netflix show The Dragon Prince. She is a 15 year old moonshadow elf trained as an assassin, sent with a group to assassinate King Harrow of Katolis and his son Ezran. She then decides to join Callum and Ezran to return the Dragon Prince back to his mother. During the Battle of the Storm Spire, she served as an honorary "Last Dragon Guard" for the duration of the battle while Callum and Ezran fought on the field.

She is voiced by Paula Burrows.


Rayla, par for the course for a moonshadow elf, is trained to show no emotion. Despite her training, she is prone to outbursts, and it's not hard for her friends to get her to talk about her emotions. She also has a strong sense of honor and justice, viewing her mission to return the Dragon egg as a quest of redemption.

She is more compassionate then her fellow elves, finding it hard to kill someone in cold blood. Because of this, she has trouble balancing her responsibilities as an assassin, and her natural compassion. This often puts her on edge with her commander.

She has a sense of humor, mostly manifesting in sarcasm.


Rayla is the daughter of two moonshadow elves,named Tiadrin and Lain, who served in the Dragon Guard. The Drragon Guard was meant to protect the family of Thunder the Dragon King. From an early age, she was trained by the assassin Runaan, who considered her a surrogate daughter, to follow in his footsteps.

The winter of the year she turned 15, the humans of Katolis used unspeakable dark magic to kill Thunder, and crushed his only egg, Azymondias the Dragon Prince. Rayla's parents, though meant to fought to the last, fled their post, becoing distanced from their daughter. Rayla, seeking redemption, joined a mission to Katolis to assassinate King Harrow and his son Ezran. 

BOOK 1 Moon

While the moonshadow elf assassins were laying in wait in the forest by the Katolis capital, a guard came across them. Rayla chased him, and managed to pin him, but couldn't kill him. She let him go, and coated her blades in red berries to pretend she killed him when returning to the camp. This later came back to bite her, when king Harrow's advisor sent a group of soldiers to track down the assassins, who barely survived by way of magic. Runaan, angered by Rayla's lies,  ordered her to remain while the others went to kill Harrow that night. Rayla decided to go to kill Ezran anyway, climbing the cliffside the castle was built on.

While infiltrating the castle, she encountered Ezran's half-brother Callum. After chasing him to Lord Viren's tower, she tolder him of her mission. Callum, hoping to protect his brother, told her that he was Ezran, but was stopped by the real Ezran's appearence. Using his glowtoad, Ezran blinded Rayla, and fled with Callum to Lord Viren's workshop, where they found Azymondias' egg, which Viren had kept in secret.

Rayla, recognizing the egg, realized that assassinating Ezran and Harrow was no longer necesarry, and decided that she would join the two princes in returning the egg to Thunder's mate. Before they could leave, she attempted to confront Runaan and convince him to stop the assassination attempt, but failed, and the other elves managed to kill Harrow, though everyone but Runaan died in the attempt.

While bonding with the two princes she manages to retrieve their family heirloom, the Key of Aavarovs but this get them being tracked by Corvis, the prince’s and aunt’s top military tracker.

She saves Bait from an huge river fish and this act will be vital to later at the Battle of the Storm Spire.

While they were on the run they’ve been chased by Corvis and Viren’s two children Claudia and Soren, her wrist binding gradually sinks getting to the point that it will serve her left hand. She tried many times to cut it off but on avail and it worsened when she dropped the egg in Icey cold water forcing Ezran to recuse it, but they find it dying thus forcing them to get help which they did by the help of a moon mage, who “healed” a local’s pet dog. But she gets this off when Zym, the newly born Dragon Prince rips it off as thank you for saving him from off a cliff before the eye of the Storm hatches him.

Book 2 Sky

She was thrilled to listen to Callum’s letter about her, but she stayed on patrol because of their were signs that Claudia and Soren had catch up with them. Rayla Resistance and Claudia sleep spell by poke in the thorn of a blue rose and then she thought Soren until Claudia got her cornered until Callum intervened and managed to make an uneasy truce. There she set up a date in which Claudia told Callum the truth of his step dad’s death.

really tried to apologize to come but Callum and says he will tell his half brother as her in about their dad‘s death, but he later forgives her after I don’t realize why it was so hard for Rayla to tell him. After Claudia gives Callum his stepfather’s sealed letter, Rayla a long with the moon mage set up illusions to expose Claudia and Soren’s evil intentions which they succeeded, but when Claudia was pulling them down with a dark magic spell Corvis intervene does allowing her, Bait, the princes, and Zym to escape. After they escape they took a boat ferry with an blind ex pirate who gave her words of wisdom about how life is like a river and it will lead her to her own path if she is willing to find it, because admits that being an assassin is not what she wanted.

Powers and abilities


  • Enhancement - During full moons, Moonshadow Elves like Rayla gain heightened speed, agility and strength, and become almost invisible.


  • Assassin training - Rayla is trained as an assassin, and has a high level of stamina, agility and strength, as well as proficiency with weapons. Runaan called her the fastest and strongest assassin available.
  • Sword skill - Rayla is highly skilled with her weapon of choice, a pair of foldable swords that can be folded into hooks.
  • Tracking Skill - Rayla learned this from Corvus, a human tracker. She and Callum later use this skill to track down Nyx, a roguish winged Skywing Elf, who dragonnapped Zym, the Dragon Prince.
  • Intelligence - Rayla is smart and strategic Moonshadow elf. She manage to push Viren to his first defeat and death thus saving Zym. She also uses deception to lure the blind Archdragon of the Sun, Sol Regem by wearing Callum’s smelly scarf to draw Sol away while Callum gets Zym to safety.



  • Rayla is very intelligent even she doesn't think she's on the side of killing the princes of Katolis.
  • Katolis is inspired by the city of Chicago.
  • Sometimes Rayla may be selfish at points or other to admitted she's wrong.
  • Rayla Knows when to not give up in a fight but is willing to protect her friends.
  • Rayla is the first elf to get through Aavarovs’s defense, while the complicated villain was distracted, thus allowing her to kill Viren.
  • Rayla is made a “ghost” or otherwise magically banished just like her parents.
  • Rayla is similar to Princess Yue from Avatar the Last Airbender; first they are affiliated with the moon, second they are the love interest of the male voice actor who plays Sokka and Callum, third, they lost their mother, but unlike Yuen’s mom who is missing, Rayla’s mom and dad are currently coins in Viren’s collection of Moonshadow elves, and fourth and final point is that they were willing to die to save an someone’s life but unlike Sokka, Callum recuses Rayla.