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Raymond Wolfe is a minor protagonist in the inFAMOUS series.



Raymond Wolfe was one of the news agents that was looking up the military's involvement of the Empire City event, he later went to form a group to help fight against the Department of Unified Protection.

inFAMOUS SECOND SON (Cole's legacy DLC)

Raymond Wolfe called Delsin Rowe for some help, as he thought that the Department of Unified Protection was covering up information involving the Empire City event. Raymond left fish stickers over Seattle for Delsin to find his research and to stop the DUP from finding it. This in turn made Delsin learn about Cole MacGrath and about his battle in New Marais. Raymond later went to ask Delsin to help rescue his editor, only to notice that the DUP were setting him up, unknowingly sending Delsin into a trap. Raymond than asked Delsin to follow a DUP Soldier that wanted to help them, in witch Delsin went to a DUP meeting to fight against other DUP Agents after the soldier left, only to collect a report made by Agustein about Cole MacGrath and the return of the Conduit gene. Delsin commented on a part of the report involving a Dr. Sebastian Wolfe, only for Raymond to state that he was his brother. Raymond also said that he was thinking of moving to Australia and later made Delsin speak to Zeke Jedediah Dunbar. However the DUP located Raymond Wolfe and eliminated him, this lead to Delsin to bring his last report over to Zeke in hopes to defeat the DUP.


  • So far, Raymond Wolfe is the only character in the inFAMOUS series to only exist in DLC.


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