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Rayne is the main protagonist of the BloodRayne franchise. She was born in 1915 and is the daughter of the evil vampire Kagan. In the first BloodRayne, she fights against Nazis, and in BloodRayne 2, she fights against her evil half siblings, father, and their minions. There aren't many people she cares about, but she doesn't kill or hurt innocent people. There is a BloodRayne game called BloodRayne Betrayal, which BloodRayne 2 is non-canon to; in this game she fights against an army that her father Kagan created. She works for the Brimstone Society to eradicate dangerous threats. She is half-human and half-vampire, which is called a dhampir.

She is voiced by Laura Bailey.


Rayne is an American dhampir, born in 1915 from a human mother who was raped by a vampire father, who killed her entire family. Rayne spent her teenage years in search of revenge and during the 30s, she is approached by the Brimstone Society, an order dedicated to hunt vampires and supernatural threats that recruits her into their ranks. In the first game, she is sent into a mission to stop the Nazis from using ancient artifacts to bring an ancient demon upon the world. In the second game, she finally has a score to settle with her father Kagan and his vampire cult.


Rayne comes across as rude, crude, vulgar, violent, and brutally vicious when killing her enemies. However, she does empahathize her humanity and lets said humanity slip through some cracks. She does her best to rescue civilians in the first game from a plague; can potentially honour the last request of a dying enemy; whenever she speaks of her family, it's with genuine care and sorrow at those she lost; has a close and friendly relationship with Severin, comfortably telling him of her past; clearly cares about Professor Trumain as a father figure; and seems to care enough about the survivors of Kagan's kingdom that she's gonna try to be a benevolent empress to help them.


Rayne is capable of transforming herself into a raven in Betrayal.