It's funny. It seems like yesterday Arcturus was the idealistic rebel crusader. Now he's the law and we're the criminals.
~ Jim Raynor

Raynor's Raiders or simply Raiders are an independent hero faction of military freedom fighters led by the rebel commander, Jim Raynor. It has a past cooperation with the Protoss thanks to Raynor's diplomatic connections. This rebel faction is also served as a protagonist organization in StarCraft series.

The Terran rebels were absorbed the successful movement into Raiders from Raynor's Rangers and scattered agents from other Terran military organizations during the futuristic Great War; the Rangers have disbanded the Sons of Korhal after Arcturus Mengsk, the first emperor of Terran Dominion, abandoning Sarah Kerrigan to the Zerg Swarm at New Gettysburg as the most notable betrayal in Raynor's history. Once the Raiders are no longer Raynor's Rangers of the Sons of Korhal, the primary color in their paint scheme has been changed into blue instead of red as it was used for the government of Mar Sara Colonial Militia.

The flagship and base of operations for Raynor's Raiders is a Behemoth-class space battle cruiser named Hyperion. The Sons of Korhal captured it from the Terran Confederacy and used it as their flagship before the Great War comes. It was subsequently hijacked by the Terran rebels before the Fall of Tarsonis.

Upon formation the Raiders operated as an anti-Dominion Terran military organization of various rebels. Following the Brood War, the rebels were marginalized by the Terran Dominion propaganda, and enjoyed little success. They were revitalized by the Second Great War and aided Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm to instantly take down Emperor Arcturus Mengsk. They have since directed their efforts to military reconstruction.


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