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Rayona is a character in Ben 10: Omniverse. She is a female Revonnahgander from the planet Revonnah and is Rook's girlfriend.


Rayona is easily distinguished from most Revonnahganders by her long, bright purple hair and the absence of white "face paint". Like most female Revonnahganders, she has notably large lips that give the deceiving appearance of lipstick. She wears a short yellow dress with matching boots and has a floral crown atop her head. In the center of her forehead is a yellow diamond.


Rayona first appears in the episode Bros in Space, coming to greet Rook at his family's home. Upon entering, she immediately catches Rook's eye and asks if he would accompany her to the harvest the evening. Rook gladly accepts before she leaves the household, satisfied by Rook's response. Soon afterwards, another girl approaches the home and asks the same question to Rook, who then immediately denies the offer and tells her to go away. When Ben asks why Rook suddenly lashed out like that, Rook's younger sister Rook Shar states that Rook has always have his eyes on only Rayona, indicating that he has a crush on her.

In Catfight, Rayona was on a double date with Rook, Ben and Ester watching a movie. There, she and Rook exclaim that they don't find the activity very appealing due to the poor condition of the theater after Rayona finds a cat hiding under one of the seats, they then discover that the cat are being controlled by a young villainess named Nyannty Chan, after picking a long fight with the villainess and several of Ben's one-sided girlfriends, Rayona is seen smiling with Rook in the end.

In The Most Dangerous Game Show she is among the females chosen to compete for Ben's hand in marriage, while she makes it passed the first round without incident, upon hearing about what the second round will be, she declines to participate, resulting in her being eliminated as well as being transported away. Later on after the game show ends, Ben is transported to the same place where Rayona and the other girls ended up,the Null Void. There, she reveals that the host was planning on having the losing contestants be eaten by the Way-Bads of the realm.

Powers and Abilities

Like Rook, Rayona is very agile and is a good fighter. She's also very intelligent and has a knack for initiatives.

As for her disadvantages, Rayona shares Rook's difficulties of learning the slangs and catch phrases of the English language.