Razzia is one of the 6 main characters in the comic series The Legendaries with Danaël, Jadina  GryfenferShimy, and later Ténébris. He was a member of the vigilante group The Legendaries.


Razzia was born in Rymar, and grew up with her sister Sheyla. Because of his love of books and especially the adventures of Korbo the adventurer, he was mistreated by the Golden Skull gang, and Sheyla was forced to help him despite the fact that Razzia was the eldest. 

One day Darkhell's army massacred his village and killed all its inhabitants, including Razzia's parents, although Sheyla survived, and laid the blame on the fearsome Army of a Thousand Wolves. Razzia believing his sister dead, he was overwhelmed by hatred and immediately began, through ambushes, to massacre the integrity of the army. His quest took at least a decade.

When he had succeeded, he was recruited by the daughter and commander of the black sorcerer Darkhell, Ténébris, to join his army. He accepted, and performed various tasks for the black sorcerer, while beginning a love story with Ténébris.

One task he was given with Ténébris and Dayastis was to kill the Maker couple, a mission successfully accomplished. Razzia, however, was anxious to spare their baby, whom he entrusted to a travelling troupe. 

Powers and abilities

Razzia has superhuman strength, enough to lift a big rock, dig a tunnel with the strength of his arms alone, free himself from stone hands, and superhuman resistance vast enough to allow him to resist 2 magical attacks of great power, although he died at the end of the second.

Later in the story he acquires an arm named Amy that can turn into different weapons.

Razzia is a highly skilled fighter, being able to beat an army on his own, and possesses a great culture on Alysia.

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