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Really Really Big Man
Really Really Big Man or RRBM for short, is an extremely large and strong possibly humanoid superhero. In most episodes that revolve around him, he shows incredible but uncontrollable strength. His alter-ego is a cross-gender office worker named "Lois Lame" (a parody of Superman). His catchphrase is "Gaze into my nipples of the future!".


RRRBM is an light-green humanoid who wears a red superhero costume (that says RRRBM) with blue cape and yellow helmet. He also has antennae on his head and his nipples are exposed in his costume.


RRRBM's superpowers include flight, magic chest hairs, nipples that allow people to see their future (by attaching them to the eyeballs), and super strength.


Really Really Big Man take his role as a superhero to help people. But, he has the tendency of accidentally injuring people and destroying things around him with his strength, which results of him getting into trouble. However, despite his ineptitude as a superhero, Really Really Big Man is a genuinely kind-hearted person who always tries to do what is right.

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