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Rebecca "Newt" Jorden (from Aliens 1986) was the only last survivor on Hadley's Hope colony on LV-426 even though her family were killed by Xenomorphs who comes at night capturing all the colonists so they can breed more creatures in the hive deep in the atomosphere processor plant.



Rebecca, or Newt to most people was a young girl who had a good relationship with her parents and appeared close to her brother, who was the only one who could call her by her first name. She, along with other kids in the colony liked to climb through the vents but Newt was the only one who could fit in them. Newt was a happy girl until the Xenomrphs killed her parents and brother and was deeply affected by that loss. She would suffer nightmares of that and managed to survive sometime until the Marines arrived.

She developed a strong bond with Lt. Ripley during this time and appeared to develop a surrogate mother/daughter relationship having both lost their families. Newt was helpful as well when the Marines were attempting to hold out in the administrative building. She helped move supplies to re enforce the barricades. She was also very mature for a young girl, telling Ripley that Casey (her doll) couldn't have bad dreams because she was a piece of plastic.



Before the Xenomorph infestation on Hadley's Hope, Newt was awarded a second grade citizenship award. Carrie Henn was unable to reprise her role in Alien 3 due to the age difference with her character, instead Newt was briefly portrayed by Danielle Edmond.

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