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~ Rebecca

Rebecca, also known as the Undefeated Woman and the Phantom Princess, was one of the supporting characters of the Dressrosa series in One Piece. She is the former princess of Dressrosa, the daughter of the famous gladiator Kyos and the late Scarlett (who was killed by Diamante), the niece and lady-in-waiting of Viola and the granddaughter of Riku Doldo III and Riku Matriarch.

She is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara in Japanese and Christine Marie Cabanos in English.


Rebecca is a young and beautiful 16-year-old girl, with an average much shorter than Luffy and has long pink hair, with a braid she wears.

In her gladiator appearance, Rebecca wears a yellow scale armor bikini, with a paludamentum, a helmet, gloves, high-heeled armor and a necklace. Under the helmet, her braid splits off into two strands starting at her temple.

Rebecca once wore a white dress, a yellow necklace and sandals, before the tournament. As a child, Rebecca once wore a small kid-sized boat and her hair was much shorter, before her teenage years.


Rebecca is a calm and proud female gladiator who holds a grudge toward the infamous Doflamingo and wishes to obtain the Flame-Flame fruit to fight and kill him in order to save her country. She is really bothered by other people, who scold and mock at her. She is polite to others and is very emotional, mostly in tears, and expresses other forms of weakness and she doesn't like expressing them to others. Rebecca is very deeply kind, to the bottom of her heart, having been taught by her mother. Like Nefertari Vivi and Shirahoshi, she extremely admires Luffy for his heroic actions.

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