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The Rebel Alliance (officially, the Alliance to Restore the Republic) was the organization formed to oppose the tyrannical Galactic Empire from Star Wars. Made up of many smaller rebellions, incliuding the Corellion resistance, Alderaanian Resistance and even the Separatist holdouts, they represent the main heroes of the Original Trilogy, and all of the Original Trilogy's main heroes were members or allies to the Rebellion at some point or another.

The Rebellion's war with the Empire initially went poorly before Rebel agents managed to acquire the plans to the Death Star. From there the Rebellion was ultimately able to analyze the plans and discover the Death Star's weakness, at which point they mounted a daring attack on the battle station. Incredibly, the Rebellion triumphed, and with the Death Star's destruction the Rebellion's hopes were renewed and victory at last became a possibility. Tragically though, the Empire would strike back, and the Rebellion was forced to constantly move from one hideout to the next to avoid the Empire's wrath. 

The Galactic Civil War's climax came with the Battle of Endor, where the Rebellion launched an attack on the Empire's second Death Star, this one protected by a shield generator due to not being completely finished. Going to the forest moon where the shield generator was located, Rebel Commandos led by Leia Organa and Han Solo destroyed the shield generator, allowing the Rebel fleet to destroy the second Death Star. With its destruction and also the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, the Empire was left crippled and the Rebellion began the long process of restoring true, good order to the galaxy, becoming the New Republic in the process.

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