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What you need is faith. Faith that there is a long term plan, that's bigger than you or me.
~ Hera to Sabine.

The Rebellion was a movement, which was dedicated to vanquishing the Galactic Empire, and restoring freedom and peace to the Galaxy. It was the most aspect of Star Wars Rebels. This Rebellion is the predecessor of the Rebel Alliance.


The Lothal Rebels

Formed shortly after the Battle of Gorse, the "Lothal Rebels" were a small band of rebels, which, in time, became the foundation of the Rebellion. Their namesake came from their high involvement on the planet Lothal, which had been placed under Imperial custody not long after the rise of the Empire.

The group was lead by a former Jedi padawan, named Kanan Jarrus. After meeting a Twi'lek pilot named Hera Syndulla, the duo decided to fight back against the Empire. Overtime, Jarrus managed to add more misfits to his crew, such as a Lasat named Garazeb Orrelios, and a Mandalorian named Sabine Wren. During an Imperial supply raid in Capital City, the crew came across a force-sensitive boy, named Ezra Bridger. After aiding the rebels in the rescue of a group of Wookiee prisoners, Bridger joined the crew, as Jarrus' padawan.

The group were the owners of the Ghost, a VCX-100 light freighter. The ship was equipped with a sensory scrambler, which the group used frequently during their operations.

Most of their initial plans were dealing with the Imperial occupation of Lothal and trying to get the Empire removed from the planet. After an attempt by Imperial governor Tua to defect results in her death as part of a plot by Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin to turn public opinion against the Lothal Rebels, the Lothal Rebels are soon aided by other members of the Rebel Alliance, including Alderaan senator Bail Organa, former Jedi Ahsoka Tano, and Rebellion founding member Mon Mothma, who pledge the support of the Alliance to aid the Lothal Rebels.

However, with the placement of Governor Pryce as the new overseer of Lothal under Grand Admiral Thrawn and a blockade of Lothal by the Imperial Seventh Fleet, any attempt to free the planet was a lost cause, and the Lothal Rebels were forced to flee and find a new home base on the planet Atollon, only to have to flee from there when it is found by Thrawn and his forces. Upon returning to Lothal, the Lothal Rebels get a lucky break as, after an attack on the Imperial TIE Defender factory complex was crushed by the Seventh Fleet and Hera was captured, she was rescued, at the cost of Kanan sacrificing himself to allow the other Lothal Rebels to escape, but destroying the complex's fuel supply, putting it out of action permanently, much to Thrawn's fury as the funding that was going to it would now be transferred to the construction of the Death Star instead, especially as he had been off-planet meeting with Emperor Palpatine on Coruscant to discuss the funding anyway. With support from other Rebels who joined them on Lothal, such as former GAR clones like Captain Rex and Commander Wolffe, they are able to ambush and capture Pryce, using her as leverage to enter the Imperial Dome in the capital city and recall all the Imperial troops inside to slaughter them by launching the Dome off-planet and detonating it in the sky. Thrawn returned prematurely, and aided by Rukh, threatened to turn the capital city into rubble and slaughter the population if Ezra didn't surrender to him. Although Ezra does surrender to buy the other Rebels some time, they manage to kill Rukh and get the city's shield back up just in time before Thrawn tries to resume the bombardment. He then learns that the Seventh Fleet blockade has been wiped out, thanks to a flock of Purrgils that demolish his Star Destroyer wingmen before preparing to take his Star Destroyer into hyperspace with them, along with Thrawn and Ezra. With Thrawn and his flagship gone, and the skies clear, the Lothal Rebels clear out of the Dome and launch it. Once it has gained enough altitude, Sabine blows it to smithereens, killing Pryce and all her troops, freeing Lothal at last.

Five years later, Lothal is at peace. The impending Imperial counterattack never came as the Alliance was able to fight back and win at the climatic Battle of Endor that saw the end of the Emperor, Lord Vader, the Imperial flagship Executor, the Death Star II, and thousands of Imperial men and materials, shattering the Empire beyond repair. With Lothal at peace, the Lothal Rebels went their separate ways, with Sabine personally departing with Ahsoka to track down Ezra and return him home to Lothal.

List of Known Members


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