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Red J. Bird (born in August) is the main protagonist in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. First introduced in 2009, the character is the primary bird used in marketing to promote the series.

The first bird used in the game, he has appeared as a playable character in every version and episode of the game released so far, though he is not necessarily in all levels. In the Fuji TV exclusive episode: Sakura Ninja, Red Bird appears dressed as a ninja. This was the first time he has appeared in costume in any game and completely new game sprites were created for this episode.


Starting with Poached Eggs, Red Bird will be able to cause great damage to the weaker structures, but as the player advances through the levels and episodes, they soon discover that Red Bird doesn't have much strength compared to the other birds, and can usually only shatter about one long wood or glass block per turn.

Red Bird is useful through all levels, as he can be used to finish off areas that have been weakened by other birds.

Red Bird doesn't have a special ability. When tapped or clicked, it will produce "Ca-Caw!" or ""Gnaah" cry, as with Big Brother Bird. However, Red does gain the ability to charge towards the spot of his (or the player's) choosing with the Mighty Eagle's feathers in his possession in chapter 9, Red's Mighty Feathers, quite similarly to how Chuck can in Angry Birds Space.


Personal Data

  • Name: Red Bird
  • Known Aliases: Red, Super Red Bird
  • Fan Aliases: Cardinal Bird, Original Angry Bird, Normal Bird or Little Red Bird
  • Group Affiliation: The Flock, The Flock in Space
  • Known Relatives: Boy and Girl Eggs (Offspring), Silver (Girlfriend; Movie), Unnamed Parents (The Angry Birds Movie)
  • Age: 18


Red has two red feathers on top of his head, and has two black eyebrows that form a unibrow when it is in default. He has 3 tail feathers, two maroon eye bags, and two maroon spots on either side of his face. His beak is yellow and he has beige chest feathers. In his earlier cartoon appearance until the four-part movie Angry Birds Bing, Red's appearance remains the same as he gains three feathers in each sides instead of two maroon spots in either side of his face and his chest feathers are white.

In Angry Birds Toons until Angry Birds 2, Red's appearance is based on his game counterpart of the first Angry Birds.


Red has a nasty temper when it comes to egg theft and, like most of the Flock, becomes enraged easily when eggs are discovered missing. His best friend and confidant is Yellow Bird (Chuck). Red was also a perfectionist such as clipping the grass in a field until it was just so for the eggs. Although he is undeniably aggressive, he had enough manners to spare Matilda's feelings after the food she cooked was disgusting.


Little is known about Red's history before the events of the first Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds (2009)/Angry Birds Time Travel (2019)/Rovio Classics: Angry Birds (2022)

Once the King Pig decided to steal eggs from the Birds on their island, Red has been at the forefront of the war between the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies. Red Bird, Yellow Bird and one Blue Bird (The Blues) were the first to discover the first eggs missing after severely attacking an insect for landing on their eggs. He is considered the leader of the Flock, though he displays no exceptional powers as the others do.

In the course of the battles with the Pigs, he has traveled to many different locations and environments, including the desert, underground caves and beaches. The Pigs never rest in their quest to steal eggs and the Flock often has to retrieve their eggs on holidays and special occasions. In one instance, the Pigs captured the entire Flock, including Red. It was only for the actions of Terence, the Big Brother Bird that the Flock was freed.

Angry Birds Seasons (2010)

In one conflict, the Bad Piggies stole a girl egg. When the flock retrieved her, Red Bird was seen in the company of a female counterpart watching over the eggs. From the picture taken, it would appear that this is his mate and the Boy and Girl eggs are his offspring.

During the Wreck the Halls adventure, Red and Bomb took the lead in chasing the Pigs through the snow on skis.

Red has traveled to China twice.

Angry Birds Rio (2011)

At an indeterminate time later, the Flock were captured as rare birds and taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where they fought with Blu and Jewel and their friends against Nigel the cockatoo and Mauro and his marmosets.

Angry Birds Fuji TV (2012)

In addition to Rio and China, Red has also to Japan, where he dressed as a ninja.

Angry Birds Space (2012)

In another adventure, Red and the Flock were whisked into Space via a wormhole, gained special abilities as a result of the wormhole energy, and fought the Space King and the Space Pigs in order to regain their stolen eggs.

Bad Piggies (2012)

When Ross was planning to steal the eggs for King Pig, Red woke up on a slingshot and launched himself into Ross' corporations during at night. He also done the same on Halloween and when Ross was looking for the Golden Pig statue.

Angry Birds Star Wars (2012) & Angry Birds Star Wars II (2013)

In a galaxy far, far, away, Red played the roles of Luke Skywalker (Red Skywalker) who is a Jedi and Anakin Skywalker's son, Anakin Skywalker (Redkin Skywalker) who was a Jedi just like his son before he became Darth Vader (Lard Vader) who was a Sith before he died after turning back good and Ezra Bridger who was a Jedi in-training before fully becoming a Jedi.

Angry Birds Go! (2013)

At an indeterminate time later, Red took part in a race for a cake which the winner would get at the end of the race.

Angry Birds Epic (2014)

After the race, Red and Chuck were encountered by more pigs and the pigs successfully captured the latter and stole their personal equipment. Red had to save Chuck as a knight. He also has more classes. He was captured by the pigs along with Bomb and Chuck later though The Blues and Matilda saved them. He then fought Sword Spirit. Wizpig later betrayed Prince Porky and King Pig with him taking the latter's crown. They then defeated Wizpig.

Angry Birds Transformers (2014)

When the EggSpark arrived on Piggy Island, Red was transformed into Optimus Prime (normal, Energon, Ultimate, Epic and General), Ultra Magnus (normal and Major), Nemesis Prime, Blurr and Optimus Maximus.

Angry Birds POP! (2015)

When the pigs stole Stella's bubble wand, Red assisted her to get her bubble wand back.

Angry Birds Fight! (2015)

At an indeterminate time later, Red fought other birds and Monster Pigs. He then fought the pigs at Dr. Pig's Lab.

Angry Birds 2 (2015)

The pigs later stole the eggs once again forcing Red and the other birds to retrieve them once again but with a new bird called Silver.

Angry Birds Action! (2016)

Red was framed for blowing the village to pieces after a spirited party the night before. He needed to find evidence that he was innocent along with Bomb, Terence and Chuck.

Angry Birds Football (2016)

Red later played football on the Mighty Feathers team against the pigs.

Angry Birds Blast! (2016)

At an indeterminate time later, Red and the other birds were captured and stuck in balloons by the pigs.

Angry Birds Evolution (2017)

In the Yellow Desert, Red was found and he was evolved into a biker, a karate fighter and a superhero.

Angry Birds Match (2017)

Red later helped the hatchlings get their party back on track along with Chuck, Bomb and later Silver.

Angry Birds Dream Blast (2019)

Red was having a dream in the past along with Chuck and Bomb in a lovely world with bubbles.

Angry Birds Tennis (2020)

Red was playing tennis with Chuck, Bomb, Silver, Leonard, Ross, Courtney and Garry.

Angry Birds Reloaded (2021)

One day, Red was showing the Piggy Island locations to Chuck, Bomb and The Blues while the pigs were spying on them and stealing the eggs. The birds then find out about it. They then chase them back and destroy their fortresses with the aid of the slingshot. Red, Chuck and Bomb were then captured by Leonard though they were set free at the last minute. Red, Chuck and Bomb then were aided by Silver, Leonard, Courtney and Garry on their mission to Eagle Island. They then were captured by Zeta and the Eagle Guards though they were freed at the last minute.

Angry Birds: Mayhem Simulator (2021)

At an indeterminate time later, Red sold eggs at the Hatchling Shop for them to be given to the Robloxians. He used to guide tour the players throughout Bird Island.

Angry Birds Journey (2022)

In the past, Red along with Chuck, Bomb, Stella and Silver were looking for the Egg Wonders but unfortunately, the pigs were also looking for it too. Luckily, they had Gaia's assistance.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds (2022)

Red went back to the original world and saw his past self with the past versions of his flock distracting them allowing the pigs to steal the eggs.



Stella is one of Red’s best friends.


Bomb is one of Red’s best friends.


Chuck is one of Red’s best friends. In Chuck Time, Red was shown that he had fallen off the cliff, which however, he was saved by Chuck from falling to his death.

The Blues

In Slingshot 101, they are scolded by Red when he tells them not to play on the slingshot. Afterwords, he can be seen playing with them as if he tolerates their behavior. He also trusts them to watch the eggs, as seen in the Angry Birds Space comic and "A Piece of Cake". However, they usually do not follow through with the job and he usually has to be the one to save the eggs or scold them.

The Blues don't like his constant nagging, and see him as annoying sometimes.


In the Summer Pignic Animation, Red extremely dislikes Hal at first, not trusting him enough to use the Slingshot. They neglect him, thinking he will only be a burden. Red pushes him away after he messes up Matilda's shot. However, after Hal saves the eggs, Red is extremely grateful and accepts him as a part of the flock. Throughout the Angry Birds Mini-Comics, Red and Hal are shown to be good friends and Hal is cheery and optimistic towards Red.


Terence seems to be a much older version of Red, as they are the same species. Red is the only one who can understand Terence and cares for his temper, and he tells Terence to "take it easy" in comic #2. From the Toons episode Nighty Night Terence, it is seemingly shown that Red can entrust the Egg's safety with Terence, leaving him and the eggs at the end of a clifftop, which is not very safe.

Due to being the same species it can be assumed that Terence and Red have a brotherly-like connection, or may even be related as a whole, as Terence's name was originally "Big Brother Bird".


In the Angry Birds Mini-Comic Issue #2, Red states that he would never hurt Bubbles, after seeing a picture of him popping Bubbles.


With Silver being the newest member if the Flock, it is Red's responsibility to show her the ropes of the lifestyles of the Angry Birds and help her adjust to being serious when it comes to pig fighting.

King Pig

It is presumed that Red and King Pig have been moral enemies ever since the Birds arrived on Piggy Island, and to this day King Pig frequently attempts to steal the Eggs for his own greedy needs. In the Angry Birds National Geographic book entitled "Animal Showdown", it is solemnly revealed that Red will not stop protecting the Eggs from the Pigs until King Pig is defeated for good, then peace can be restored to the island.

Chef Pig

In the Toons episode Pig Plot Potion, Red is turned into a pig by Chef Pig. By the way they cooperatively work in preparing King Pig's meal, it is possible if pigs didn't steal eggs and birds took care of their anger, they could have positive relationships.

The Eggs

In many different episodes, Red is very overprotective of the eggs and risks his own life over saving them. In Egg's Day Out, Red ventures out to save one single egg, and even smashes a leaf apart afraid that it was a threat to their safety. Red is the caretaker of the eggs most of the time, and was even the one to find them on the shore before the pigs did. He always manages to rescue the Eggs when the pigs capture them, and throughout the entire Egg Defender mode in Red's Mighty Feathers, he protects a singular egg from all the Bad Piggies. He is constantly concerned over them, as shown in Off Duty when he is reluctant to turn over the Eggs' responsibility to Chuck, Bomb, and the Blues.

Mighty Eagle

According to The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, Red dislikes the Mighty Eagle because he stays in his cave most of the time and never joins any fight with the pigs until the very last moment. This is also exemplified in the movie.

2016 Movie

Click here to see Red's 2016 incarnation.

Angry Birds: Summer Madness

Main Article: Red (Angry Birds: Summer Madness)

Red appeared with his friends Stella, Chuck and Bomb going on misadventures in summer camp. He is voiced by Ian Hanlin, who also voiced Sunburst in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


  • Every corpse in Angry Birds Rio and in Angry Birds Google Chrome have their tongue sticking out except for Red Bird. It is not known why Red does not stick his tongue out.
  • If the player touches the screen while Red Bird is being flinged, he squawks "Ca-Caw!" or "Gnaah!"
  • Two versions of Red wearing aviation-related head gear were created for the Angry Birds Asian Challenge completion.
  • Terence, the Big Brother Bird appears to be the same species as Red and may, in fact, be related. Other than the Blues, there are no other birds of the same species in the Flock core group.
  • An officially licensed t-shirt entitled “Nerdy Birdy” showed Red Bird with glasses and a bow tie. The image was so popular that a plush version was created. It should be noted that the Nerdy Birdy is not a new character, just the Red Bird wearing a costume.
  • He was different colors as he grew up.

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