My intention is still to put a stop to whatever evil scheme you have up your sleeve... and to figure out what's causing this strange effect Deoxys has on me! So... I won't give up until I've accomplished my goals! And I will never ever... surrender to you!
~ Red to Giovanni

Red is a rising Trainer from Pallet Town and a main character of Pokémon Adventures. He served as the main protagonist of the Red, Green & Blue arc. He is based on Red from the Pokemon Games.



Red as a child with Poli

Red received his first Pokémon, Poli, as a Poliwag, when he was young, though it is unknown if he caught him or was given him. At one point, Red almost drowned and Poli came to his rescue, evolving into a Poliwhirl to save him.

Starting his Journey

Red later came across a group of children who were trying, but failing to capture a Nidorino. He used Poli to demonstrate how to capture a Pokémon by catching the Nidorino. The children asked Red about Professor Oak, but he stubbornly said he was stronger than the professor. Red headed back to his house, but came across a group of Team Rocket Grunts and overheard them talking about a “Phantom Pokémon” (Mew) in the woods. Eager to capture this Pokémon himself, Red headed into the woods with a bunch of Poké Balls. He found Blue Oak already battling Mew with his Charmander. However Blue quickly recalled his Pokémon after Mew dodged one attack and let it go.

Red being told off by Blue

Red told him off and sent out Poli after the Legendary Pokémon, but Mew easily defeated him, much to Red’s shock. Blue told Red that he’d known Mew was far too powerful to fight and he’d been foolish to try and fight it. Severely shaken, as he’d believed himself unbeatable prior to this, Red finally decided to see Professor Oak and get his advice. He found the professor’s lab and headed inside, finding a Bulbasaur in a Poké Ball. However Professor Oak entered, accusing Red of being a thief and in a startled panic, the trainer accidentally released all the Pokémon in the lab. Red went and retrieved them, until only the Bulbasaur was left and he managed to find it in the abandoned Viridian Gym. Red managed to calm it down, as it was out in the world for the first time, but they were attacked by a wild Machoke. However, Red, noticing the bulb on Bulbasaur’s back, opened the shades in the Gym to let sunlight in, allowing the Seed Pokémon to defeat the Machoke with Solar Beam. Oak, impressed by his intuition, let him keep the Bulbasaur (who he nicknamed Saur) and gave him a Pokedex to complete. With that, Red set out on a journey to become a stronger trainer.

Adventures in Kanto

As Red headed through the Viridian Forest, trying to find a Caterpie, he had another encounter with Blue. They came across a Kangaskhan and Blue immediately attacked it with his Charmander so as to capture it. After the two found out they each had a Pokedex, Blue revealed to Red that he was Professor Oak’s grandson. Red, noticing something was off, stopped Blue’s attack and found that the baby in the Kangaskhan’s pouch was poisoned. He cured it with an antidote and the mother thanked him, before leaving. Blue was angry at Red’s intervention and the two became rivals, before they went their separate ways. After arriving at Pewter City, Red captured a Pikachu that was running loose and causing trouble. As he unsuccessfully tried to befriend it, Blue showed up and told him that he was going to challenge Brock of the Pewter Gym so as to obtain the Boulder Badge. He challenged Red to try and obtain the badge first and he set out to do so, but since the city’s Pokémon Center was closed, his Pikachu was the only one of his Pokémon at full strength. Red managed to make it through the preliminary opponents at the gym with quick knockout moves using Saur and Poli.

Red after saving Pika

However in his final match against Brock and his Onix, Red had no choice, but to use Pikachu, who he’d nicknamed Pika. At first, Pika refused to follow Red’s commands, but when he shielded him from Onix’s Skull Bash attack, he finally won Pika’s trust and the Mouse Pokémon defeated Onix, winning Red the Boulder Badge. Soon after this, Red came across

Red showing Misty his Pokedex

Misty as she was being attacked by her berserk Gyarados. He managed to capture the Atrocious Pokémon for her and Misty explained that he’d been stolen from her, then she’d found him enraged. Red contacted Professor Oak about it and he told them about Team Rocket, saying that they were probably after the

Red and Misty headed to Mt. Moon

Moon Stone in nearby Mt. Moon. Red and Misty headed there and ran into Team Rocket, where Red took on Koga and his Rhyhorn. He managed to win with Pika, but then Koga gave his Rhyorn an injection that evolved it into a Rhydon. However Red had Pika cause a cave-in, allowing him and Misty to escape Team Rocket and once outside, he revealed to Misty that he’d found and pocketed the Moon Stone. Red and Misty headed to Cerulean City, where he acted rather arrogant since he’d had to save her during the fight at Mt. Moon. However Misty revealed she was the Cerulean Gym Leader and easily beat Red, showing him they had to work together or they would never stop Team Rocket. After training with Misty, Red went on his way with the Cascade Badge.

Red seeing Bill get captured by the Fearow

Later, he came across Bill, a Pokémon expert who’d accidentally fused himself with a Rattata. Red helped change him back after saving him from a Fearow and Bill showed him a Pokémon storage system he’d created to help him transport his Pokémon. Soon afterwards, Red attempted to stow away aboard the S.S. Anne, but was caught and kicked off. He then met the Chairman of the Pokémon Fan Club, who revealed that numerous Pokémon were being stolen, including the Chariman’s Abra. Red set out to find the stolen Pokémon and his search lead him back to the S.S. Anne. However he was caught by Lt. Surge, who sicced a vicious Electabuzz on him, and Red managed to escape with Poli.

Red being saved by Poli

However he was caught again and he and Poli where thrown overboard. But before he drowned, Poli managed to evolve into a Poliwrath and saved Red, before taking down Lt. Surge and the Electabuzz. Afterwards, Red entered a bike race, where he used his Pokémon to overcome the obstacles, but eventually found the path blocked by a Snorlax.

Red being chased by Snor

However Red used Saur, covered in Beedrill honey, to wake up the Snorlax, causing it to chase him all the way to the finish line. He proceeded to capture the Snorlax (nicknaming it Snor), but was forced to spend all his prize money feeding it. Red then headed to Lavender Town, where he found out that Blue had gone in the Pokémon Tower two weeks earlier, but hadn’t come out. Interested and not wanting to back down from a challenge Blue took on,

Red and Saur fighting off Blue's Charmeleon

Red headed into the tower, where he was attacked by the ghosts of the Pokémon buried there. He managed to fend them off, but was attacked by Blue and his Charmeleon, under the control of a Gastly owned by Koga. Red and Saur managed to defeat the Gastly and followed Blue as he continued into the tower, determined to find the one who controlled him. They came across Koga, who sent out his Arbok to attack them and Red watched as Blue managed to trick Koga, having his Charmeleon behead Arbok, greatly impressed. Soon afterwards, Red managed to evolve Saur into an Ivysaur, but was flattered and scammed out of his money for a bunch of useless items by a girl named Green. After realizing he’d been tricked, Red called Professor Oak, who told him that a Squirtle had been stolen from his lab. Red managed to find Green again, who used a Wartortle to try and escape, but he was able to use Snor to stop her and knock her out, deducing her Wartortle was the stolen Squirtle.

Red disguised as a Team Rocket member

He took his money back, only to realize that she’d stolen his badges. Red disguised himself as a Team Rocket member and infiltrated the Celadon Game Corner, after learning Team Rocket was also looking for Green. However he was brought into a secret underground lab, where he saw Mewtwo developing and learned that Green stole a disk containing information on Mew. Red and the Team Rocket Grunts found her, seeing she had turned his badges into earrings much to his annoyance. As she was attacked by Team Rocket’s Pokémon, Red saved her and helped her escape. Red told Green about Mewtwo, but she was uninterested, saying she wanted to find Mew because of the price she could get for it. Red was extremely disdainful of her and Team Rocket’s selfishness, but at that moment, they found Mew. They managed to restrain it, but Team Rocket arrived and tried to take the Legendary Pokémon for themselves.

Red protecting Mew

At first, Red told Green to escape with Mew, preferring to see it in her hands than Team Rocket’s, but finally managed to defeat the criminals’ Jynx, allowing Mew to escape. Green was upset, but revealed she’d taken photos of Mew as Red fought, much to his annoyance. However as Green left, Red found she’d left him his Badges. Following this, Red literally ran into Blue as Blue was chasing after his new Porygon.

Red sending out Blue's Machoke

Soon afterwards, he came across a pair of girls being attacked by wild Pokémon, but when he tried to fight them off, he found that he and Blue had accidentally swapped Pokémon. None of them listened to Red’s commands, but as time went by, he helped make them less aggressive. However after three days, he’d only caught a Diglett and a Krabby. Red suddenly noticed Blue fighting a Ninetales with his Pokémon and when Ninetales ran towards Red, he sent out Blue’s Machoke. Red and Blue started arguing about how they’d raised each other’s Pokémon, but suddenly Machoke evolved into Machamp and pinned the Ninetales, allowing Red to capture it. However Blue pointed out that his Pokémon had weakened the Ninetales enough so that it could be captured and claimed it for himself. The two gave their Pokémon back to one another and Red found that his Pokémon had grown quite aggressive to the point of chasing him.

Taking Up the Battle Against Team Rocket

Red came across Erika, Celadon Gym Leader, and challenged her to a battle. However she told him that he had to prove his skills as a trainer by capturing an Eevee.

Red trying to battle the morphing Eevee

Not knowing what an Eevee looked like, Red found Bill, who helped him to track one down. But the Eevee kept changing between its evolved forms, making it very difficult for Red to fight it, until he finally succeeded managed to defeat it. Realizing Erika knew more than she was telling, Red headed to the Celadon Gym with Bill and found documents on a reconstruction project to make an Eevee able to take on its three evolved forms at will. Erika showed up and Red accused her of genetically modifying the Eevee, before engaging her in battle. However her Pokémon managed to defeat Saur, Poli, and Pika. But when Pika protected the Eevee from Erika, who apparently wanted to destroy it, she revealed that she was only testing Red. Erika explained that the Eevee’s genetic modification was the work of Team Rocket and gave Red the Rainbow Badge, asking for his help in stopping Team Rocket. Red then continued on his journey with the Eevee, nicknamed Vee. Red’s next stop was the Safari Zone, where he left his Pokémon at the entrance, while he rode a raft through. However Red smuggled in a Poké Ball and as he came across a pair of Nidoking fighting over a Nidoqueen, he tried to capture one. But he accidentally caught the Nidoqueen instead and was attacked by the Nidoking, Red’s raft was destroyed and he managed to escape from the Nidoking, hitting it in the face with a rock.

Red trying to escape the Victreebel

Red was then captured by a Victreebel and taken away to be eaten as part of an evolution ritual for some Weepinbell and Bellsprout. He escaped the Victreebel’s clutches with help from one of his Pidgebot guides and drew out the pair of Nidoking from before, making them fight the Victreebel so he could capture it. Red then used it to weaken and capture the Nidoking and found himself surrounded by other Safari Zone Pokémon, but managed to catch them all, before the Safari Zone Warden found him.

Red engaging the two Magmar

Soon after this, Red helped Giovanni gather fossils in Diglett’s Cave, not realizing that he was the leader of Team Rocket. However they found a pair of Magmar attacking the Pewter City Museum of Science and Red took them on while Giovanni studied his strategy. He managed to win with his newly caught Sandshrew and went on his way with Giovanni giving him an Old Amber. Later, Red dived to the bottom of a lake to get the Surf HM, so he could go to the Seafoam Islands. However he was attacked by a

Red being saved by Misty and Gyara

Dragonite and tried to use his Pokémon to fight it, but in the fight, the HM was broken. Red was pinned by a boulder underwater, but Misty and her Gyarados, Gyara, and Starmie came to his rescue. Misty then traded Red Gyara, who knew Surf, in exchange for his Krabby, allowing him to reach the Seafoam Islands. As he arrived, Red introduced Gyara to his other Pokémon but they were greatly intimidated by the new addition to his team.

Red facing Team Rocket as Gyara loses control

However they encountered Team Rocket, who were trying to capture Articuno. As Gyara tried to engage them, he was suddenly stricken by fear from his memories of Team Rocket’s experimentation on him. While Team Rocket pursued Articuno, Red’s team managed to take on Team Rocket’s Muk, but the Sludge Pokémon got the upper hand and almost smothered Red and Gyara until Articuno returned and froze it. As the Freeze Pokémon flew away with Team Rocket in pursuit, Red lamented it escaping, but congratulated his team on accepting their new teammate. Red’s next destination was Cinnabar Island, where he came across Blaine being attacked by Team Rocket. He helped save the Gym Leader, but Team Rocket sent Moltres, which they captured at Victory Road, after the two. With no flying Pokémon able to match the Flame Pokémon, Red and Blaine could only run from it on Blaine’s Rapidash.

Red and Aero attacking Moltres with Supersonic

However the Gym Leader discovered the Trainer’s Old Amber and sent him to his lab to revive the fossil inside. With help from Rapidash, Red was able to regenerate his fossil into an Aerodactyl, nicknaming it Aero. Red used the Fossil Pokémon to cripple Moltres’ wing and send Team Rocket into retreat.

Fight at Silph Co.

Red revealing Kadabra

Red headed for Pallet Town, finding the quietness of the town disturbing, and went to Professor Oak’s lab, asking about the fact that Saffron City had been blocked off. However the professor started attacking Red, eventually revealing that he was actually a Kadabra commanded by Sabrina, another Gym Leader in the servitude of Team Rocket. She revealed that Professor Oak and the rest of Pallet Town’s inhabitants had been captured and were being held in Saffron City. Blue arrived and told Red that Saffron City had to be Team Rocket’s headquarters. Red also found that Vee had been taken. Red and Blue headed to Saffron City, which had been surrounded by a psychic barrier. While at first trying to one-up each other, the two eventually worked together at Green’s suggestion, using

Red facing Surge with his battle gear

Pika and Blue’s Golduck to take down the Mr. Mime putting up the barrier. Red and Blue headed into the Silph Co. building, but were separated and Red was forced to face off against Lt. Surge, who was using battle gear made from his Magneton and Electrodes, as well as Zapdos to fuel his electrical assault. Pika was eventually fainted by Surge’s attacks, but Red used Saur’s Razor Leaf to cut the wires channeling Zapdos’ energy to Surge and the Gym Leader’s insulated suit, badly shocking him and knocking him out. Red took the Thunder Badge from Surge and moved on, finding Blue unconscious and at the mercy of Koga and his Golbat. He tried to intervene with Poli, only to be knocked back, but Blue revealed he’d been faking and struck Koga with his Pidgeot. The Gym Leader sent out Articuno, eventually freezing Red and Blue, but Blue used his Charizard to free them and the duo used Blue’s Porygon and Pika to knock Koga out. Red took the Marsh Badge from Koga, while Blue went to free the people of Pallet Town. Red met up with Green, having learned of the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier, and traded her the Marsh Badge for the Moon Stone. Green told him that the device greatly amplified the power of a Pokémon, but Sabrina arrived. Red tried to use the Amplifier on Pika, but it did nothing and Green revealed that the Cascade Badge and Boulder Badge she’d given him were fakes. She ran off with the amplifier, leaving Red to face off against Sabrina and the Legendary Birds alone. After Green activated the Amplifier with the real badges, the energy released fused Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres into one creature. Sabrina revealed Team Rocket had used Vee to prepare for this and tossed him aside, before adding that they’d used Red and Blue to collect the badges for them. However, when she threatened Pallet Town, Red became re-invigorated and was joined by Blue, but they couldn’t take on the Legendary Bird Fusion. Green returned with her Clefairy, Clefy, to help the two and used the Moon Stone to evolve him into a Clefable.

Red, Blue, and Green saved by Saur's vine net

The trio was eventually sent falling out of the building by the bird fusion, but Red used Saur to make a Vine Whip net to catch them. Red, Blue, and Green had Saur, Charizard, and Clefy launch a combined attack, causing Saur to evolve into a Venusaur in the process. They were able to defeat the fusion and separate the Legendary Birds, escaping as Silph Co. collapsed.

Pokémon League

Red then set out for the Pokémon League at the Indigo Plateau, but found out about a “monster” from Bill attacking part of Cerulean City. Red ignored his warnings to stay away, but found himself caught in a tornado that he and his Pokémon couldn’t escape from. Blaine came to his rescue and explained the tornado was the work of Mewtwo, which he’d created by using Mew’s DNA and Blaine’s own cells. However Blaine had taken in some of Mewtwo’s cells in the process, mutating his arm and would eventually kill him. Blaine used this to track down Mewtwo, who was using a Psywave to create a defensive tornado, and tried to capture it, but failed. He gave Red the

Red preparing to catch Mewtwo

Master Ball he’d been trying to use to capture Mewtwo and revealed that Red had been his inspiration to leave Team Rocket. Red was able to cunningly use his Pokémon to capture the Genetic Pokémon and gave it to

Red saving Yellow from the Dratini

Blaine, asking him to teach it how kind humans could be. As Red continued to the Pokémon League, he came across a young girl named Yellow in the Viridian Forest, under attack by a Dratini. Red then helped her capture a Rattata and brought her back to Viridian City. He found out about the Viridian Gym Leader, that he had apparently been invincible, but disappeared later. Red headed to the gym, finding nothing at first, but Giovanni showed up, revealing himself as the Viridian Gym Leader and leader of Team Rocket. He complimented Red for his skills and challenged him to a battle, but if he lost, he would have to join Team Rocket. Red agreed, though he found that Giovanni was an extremely powerful opponent. Giovanni told him of his plans to put together an unstoppable

Red barely managing to defeat Giovanni

Pokémon army in the Viridian Forest and Red realized he was the only one who could stop Team Rocket’s plans. He was finally able to defeat Giovanni and his Ground Pokémon and passed out afterwards. Red was brought to a medical center by Yellow, who said she wished the city had a new Gym Leader. Red decided to take on the role, but wanted to become a stronger trainer first and headed to the Pokémon League. Red managed to make it to the semi-finals, along with Blue, Green, and the mysterious Dr. O and watched Green’s match with the latter, after finding out Green was from Pallet Town. Dr. O managed to defeat Green, playing to her fear of Bird Pokémon, and revealed himself as

Red and Blue facing off in the finals

Professor Oak, before giving her a Pokedex, then dropped out of the competition so Red could face Blue in the finals. As Red and Blue battled, Oak noted that the two had learned from one another, with Red having become more calm and knowledgeable like Blue, while Blue had learned to rely on his instincts more. Red first used Saur against Blue’s Charizard and was able to catch it off guard, before switching to Snor. Blue sent out his Machamp, who used his physical abilities to easily grapple with and throw Snor, but Red had him maneuver in mid-air to crush Machamp. Red and Blue then changed to Poli and Ninetales with Ninetales managing to take down the Tadpole Pokémon with a Fire Blast that sent him flying into the air. Pika met a similar defeat and Blue sent Charizard back out with Red bringing Saur back into the fray. He had Saur trap Charizard with Vine Whip then revealed that he’d had Poli and Pika form a thunder cloud in the air when they’d been knocked upwards. Saur’s vine acted as a lighting rod, causing Charizard to be struck by lighting and knocked out, making Red the victor.

Fight against the Elite Four

Two years later, Red received a battle invitation against Bruno, a member of the Elite Four. He went to Mt. Moon to accept the challenge and at first found no one there. However Bruno suddenly attacked with his Hitmonlee and Red sent out Pika to fight.

Red battling Bruno

Hitmonlee defeated the Mouse Pokémon and Red switched to Poli while Bruno brought out his Hitmonchan. Poli was beaten as well, prompting Red to use Gyara and Bruno changed to his Onix. Onix kept dodging Gyara’s water attacks and eventually dug underground, prompting Red to send out Saur. However they were knocked underground and were surrounded by tunnels Onix could attack from. As Bruno prepared to attack Saur with the Rock Snake Pokémon, he stopped so as to let a group of Diglett pass by and Agatha and Lorelei suddenly appeared. They asked Red to give them Giovanni’s Earth Badge and he realized the two were controlling Bruno. He had Aero carry him into the air, hoping to trick Agatha and Lorelei into revealing how they were controlling Bruno. But Lorelei’s Jynx caught him in its hair and Red told them that he didn’t know where Giovanni or his Earth Badge were. Lorelei decided he was telling the truth and revealed that they also wanted him to join them in their plans. Red refused and sent out Gyara, Saur, and Snor to fight, but they were defeated by a combined attack from Agatha’s Gastly, Bruno’s Hitmonlee, and

Red frozen by Lorelei

Lorelei’s Jynx, boosted by the Badge Amplifier. Lorelei then froze Red, who released Pika and told him to get back to Pallet Town, before freezing completely. Some time later, Giovanni freed Red from the ice holding him and gave him three of the Legendary Evolution Stones, evolution stones that could be used repeatedly on a Pokémon. Red got Vee out of his Pokémon storage and headed to Cerise Island to help his friends fight the Elite Four. He came across Lt. Surge and Bill fighting Bruno and engaged him once again. During the battle, Red used the Legendary Evolution Stones to evolve Vee into his three evolved forms, boosting the power of his forms, to take on Bruno’s Hitmonchan, while Poli faced Bruno’s Machamp. After Machamp removed its power limiting belt, it knocked Poli and Vee off of the Onix they were fighting on. But Red had Vee, as Vaporeon, used Acid Armor to sneak attack Machamp, then changed him into Jolteon, allowing him to take out the Superpower Pokémon with Pin Missile. Bruno told Red that he never really agreed with Lance’s plan and left, satisified. Red then met up with Blue and Green, finding Blue as she was desperately fighting Lance. He, along with Blue and Green, sent energy from their three starters to Yellow, allowing Pika to unleash the Megavolt attack to defeat Lance. Afterwards, Red took Yellow away from the island and when she woke up, told her that Lance disappeared along with the legendary Pokémon he’d summoned.

Fight in Johto

Red preparing for his Gym Leader test

Red was offered the position of Viridian Gym Leader and decided to take the test, but he began suffering from numbness in his limbs due to being frozen. He took the test for the position and managed to pass it. However due to his problem, Red decided to turn down the position, instead giving it to Blue after he stopped a rampaging group of Pokémon. Red was also asked to help Yellow look for Lugia in the Johto region, but refused for the same reason. Blue told Red about some springs in Mt. Silver that he could use to treat himself and Red traded him Gyara for his Charizard, which he used to fly there. Red found the spring, as well as Sabrina, who’d come for the same reason after she was caught in Lorelei’s ice handcuffs, who told him that all the Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders were meeting at the Pokémon League. Red later managed to save Blue, Brock, and Erika by stopping the Magnet Train from crashing and headed to Ilex Forest with Blue to stop the Masked Man. As they went, they were aided by Bruno and Koga, who informed them of the Masked Man's desire to capture

Red with Articuno

Celebi and joined forces with the others fighting the Masked Man and a number of Legendary Pokémon. Red took command of Articuno to fight Lugia and Ho-Oh under the Masked Man’s control. It was during the battle that Red finally found out

Red and Gold heading off to train

Yellow was a girl and lead the charge against the Masked Man. They finally stopped him and Red and Gold left to train together at Mt. Silver.

Final Battle with Team Rocket

Red and Blue met up at Professor Oak’s lab in Pallet Town, finding a message that mysteriously told them to leave their Pokédexes and go to Vermilion City.

Red and Blue heading to the Sevii Islands

They did so, taking the Seagallop Ferry to the Sevii Islands and found Green under attack by Deoxys. Red and Blue eventually faced off against the Beast Warrior Trio, a new group of Team Rocket Admins, and learn that Professor Oak was captured by Team Rocket again. Needing special training in order to defeat Team Rocket Red and Blue trained under Kimberly on Two Island. They eventually faced off against each other, allowing Saur to learn the powerful Frenzy Plant move. Red and Blue faced the Deoxys again, but were still beaten and Red found himself having a strange connection to the DNA Pokémon.

Red teaming up with Mewtwo

While he lost his spirit due to his defeat, Red became determined to learn what his connection with Deoxys was and regained his drive. He was joined by Mewtwo to fight Deoxys and they headed to Team Rocket’s helicarrier above Viridian City, facing off against Giovanni, who was commanding Deoxys. They battled and ultimately Red and Mewtwo were victorious, but Carr of the Beast Warrior trio placed his Forretress all over the helicarrier to blow it up, having turned against Giovanni. Deoxys took everyone to safety, while Red dealt with the Forretress to stop it from exploding over Vermilion City. He also learned from Yellow that his connection with Deoxys came from a sample of his blood it had absorbed. Red succeeded in stopping the helicarrier from destroying the city, but Sird of the Beast Warrior Trio tried to use a beam to capture Deoxys. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver, and Mewtwo leapt into the way, causing Red and the other trainers to be turned to stone.

Battle at the Battle Frontier

Red and the others returned to normal

Red and the others were transported to the Battle Frontier in the Hoenn Region by their friends, so as to save them. They were eventually restored to normal by the power of Jirachi, a wish-granting Legendary Pokémon, thanks to Emerald. Red and the others aided in the battle against Archie and Kyogre. Afterwards, they took part in the Battle Dome Tournmanet, which Emerald won, earning him the Tactics Symbol.


Red is a skilled trainer and battler, having defeated many powerful opponents in Pokémon battles. Professor Oak refers to him as the “Fighter,” since his special skill is battling.



Poli is a Poliwrath and Red’s first Pokémon, which he received as a child. He is extremely loyal to Red, saving his life twice, and is most skilled at physical attacks, though he also boasts a strong Ice Beam. Poli evolved into a Poliwhirl when he saved Red as a child and into his current form when he saved Red in Vermilion City, after coming into contact with the Legendary Water Evolution Stone.



Saur is a Venusaur, which Red was given by Professor Oak when he started his journey as a Bulbasaur. Saur is one of Red’s most powerful Pokémon, to the point that he has beaten Blue’s Charizard (a powerful Pokémon who has type advantage over him), and is able to use Frenzy Plant, the most powerful Grass-Type attack in existence. Saur evolved into an Ivysaur shortly before Red met Green and evolved into a Venusaur during the fight against the Legendary Bird fusion.



Pika is a Pikachu, which Red met when it was causing mayhem in Pewter City, before he caught it. He eventually became loyal to Red and later befriended Yellow after Red was frozen by the Elite Four. After Red’s return, Pika returned to his side and later mated with Yellow’s Pikachu, Chuchu, producing a Pichu that became Gold’s Pokémon. Pika’s brief time with Blue allowed him to learn a variety of moves and he even learned to use Surf during his time with Yellow.



Snor is a Snorlax Red captured during a bike race and is extremely gluttonous when it comes to food. However he has become one of the most physically skilled members of Red’s team and Red uses Snor whenever he needs physical force.



Vee is an Espeon that evolved from an Eevee and had been experimented on by Team Rocket. This made him able to change between any of his evolved forms, Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon and back at will, making him a far harder to deal with opponent. Red eventually came across Vee and added him to his team. Later, Vee would evolve into an Espeon, though it cost him his ability to change between his forms, but Red said he preferred Vee that way, since it didn’t constantly remind the Sun Pokémon of his painful past.



Aero is an Aerodactyl that was regenerated from a fossil in Old Amber he received from Giovanni, due to needing a flying Pokémon to fight Moltres. Aero became Red’s main source of flying transportation, able to hold Red’s entire team.



Gyara is a Gyarados that originally belonged to Misty, but he was stolen and experimented on by Team Rocket to increase his hostility. Red helped Misty to recapture him and she later traded him to Red for his Krabby so he could reach the Seafoam Islands, due to Gyara knowing Surf. Gyara is currently in Red’s Pokémon storage.



Red captured a Nidorino to demonstrate his skill at Pokémon training and catching, but has never used it battle. It is currently in his Pokémon storage.



Diglett was a Pokémon Red captured during the time he accidentally swapped Pokémon with Blue. He used it to battle Vee, when he turned into a Jolteon, only for Vee to become a Vaporeon and defeat it. Diglett’s only known move is Dig. It is currently in Red’s Pokémon storage.



Red used Sandshrew to battle a pair of Magmar at the Pewter City Museum of Science, using its Sand-Attack to douse their flames. Its only known move is Sand-Attack and it is currently in Red’s Pokémon storage.



Red came across this Fearow as it was trying to carry off Bill when he was fused with a Rattata. He defeated and captured it and occasionally used it for flight. Fearow’s known moves are Fly and Drill Peck.

Safari Zone Pokémon

Red's Safari Zone Pokémon

During his time in the Safari Zone, Red captured a number of Pokémon including a Nidoqueen, a number of Nidoking, Victreebel, Weepinbell, Bellsprout, Exeggcute, and Parasect, a number of which almost killed him. One of the Nidoking knows Mega Punch and one of the Victreebel knows Wrap, Posion Powder, Sleep Powder, and Stun Spore.



Red caught Krabby during the period he accidentally swapped Pokémon with Blue. He later used it to fight Vee when he turned into a Flareon, but Vee became a Jolteon and took out Krabby. Soon afterwards, Misty took it from Red in exchange for Gyara. Krabby's known moves are Crabhammer, ViceGrip, and Guillotine.



Red captured Mewtwo after it went on a rampage upon escaping the Team Rocket lab using a Master Ball Blaine gave him. He gave it to Blaine, telling him to care for it, but later, it came back to help Red fight against Giovanni and Deoxys. After they won, Mewtwo helped protect Deoxys from Sird and its unknown what happened to it.


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  • Red’s Pokémon weren’t nicknamed at first in the translation of Pokémon Adventures, until Chuang Yi’s translation of the FireRed and LeafGreen chapter and the VIZ Media translation started using them in Volume 9.

  • Red’s blood type is O and he was born in August, the same month as his archenemy, Giovanni. However, Red was born in August 8, while Giovanni was born in August 1. This means that both Red and Giovanni were born on the same month, August, and under the sign of Leo, which lasts from July 23 to August 22. Also, Red's birthday is exactly a week after Giovanni's birthday.

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