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Transformers Generation 1

Red Alert is the Autobot security director. He has enhanced senses and is usually depicted as a friend of the Autobot Inferno.

Animated series

Red Alert first appeared in the episode "Dinobot Island, Part 1".
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Red ALert briefly teamed up with Starscream.

His most prominent appearance came in "Auto-Berserk" alongside Inferno. After a battle with the Decepticons ended with Red Alert being damaged by one of Rumble's missiles, the Autobot became paranoid that Inferno and the others were out to get him. Red Alert deserted and teamed up with Starscream (who had been abandoned by the Decepticons on the battlefield and decided to take revenge on Megatron) to steal an Autobot device called the Negavator. The conspirators succeeded in sneaking in the secret bunker where the Negavator was placed. But then the alarm system had snapped into action, and the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, appeared in the bunker just in the moment when the two chums tried to move the weapon away. But the Decepticons, headed by Megatron, arrived there, too. Megatron demanded Starscream to hand over the Negavator to him, and the latter agreed hastily, with the purpose of avoiding his leader's wrath. But Red Alert refused to give up the weapon, and the recent allies began to fight. After a blast in the abdomen by Starscream's Null Ray cured his paranoia glitch, Red Alert realized what he had done and destroyed the Negavator, setting fire to the cavern they were in - and a guilty Inferno rushed into the fire to save Red Alert's life. After this, Red Alert realized who his true friends were.

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Unicron Trilogy

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Transformers Animated

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