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Red Beetle is a counterpart to the vigilante super-hero Blue Beetle. Sara Butters became a member of the Justice Society using this name. Her costume is an homage to the second Beetle, Ted Kord. The villainous Black Beetle has also used this alias when he manipulated the timestream to obtain different scarabs. Red Beetle was created by Marc Guggenheim and Scott Kolins, first appearing in Justice Society of America.


Sara intends to follow the footsteps of the late Blue Bettle. She made her debut in Monument Point, helping the Justice Society of America thwarting the plans of the supervillain, Doctor Chaos. After the conflict, Red Beetle joined the JSA.

Powers and abilities

Red Beetle appears to be an normal human being, with her codename, skills costume, and modus operandi matching the Blue Beetle. Likewise, she was trained in martial arts.


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