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Red Hood is a character and a Hero appearing in the show Batman: The Brave and the Bold, He is the heroic alternate universe vigilante version of the Joker who ends helping Batman to defeat Owlman



On Earth-23's Gotham City, a ordinary married man was a chemical engineer for Ace Chemical Plant, and aspiring comedian. After the tragic deaths of his wife and unborn child, he became a costumed vigilante called the Red Hood. Despite the obvious, the Red Hood established his secret headquarters in the Ace Chemical Plant. He became a constant enemy of Owlman and the Injustice Syndicate of Amerika.

The Syndicate eventually discovered the Hood's hideout and tried to kill him once and for all. Owlman tossed the Red Hood into a vat of chemicals and acids.

Red Hood escaped death but discovered he was horribly disfigured. His skin was bleached white and his mouth was warped into a permanent smile. The Red Hood was already experienced with tragedy and while his mind was bent, he ultimately didn't go insane with at this development. Instead, he was persuaded to make a final stand against the Injustice Syndicate. Along with eight allies, Hood fought the Syndicate atop the Eyrie of Evil and failed. Red Hood managed to escape again and in desperation, resolved to tap the multiverse and search for allies. The Syndicate hunted him down and stole his technology, a phase oscillator.

Once again, the Red Hood escaped via trap door and later attacked the Syndicate when they broke into a nuclear plant to steal a rare isotope. Batman, disguised as Owlman, revealed himself to Red Hood and quickly outfitted him with a Bat Communicator. While being tortured by Silver Cyclone, Red Hood attempted to guide Batman right to him. In the aftermath, Red Hood found himself the leader of a successful rebellion and herald to a new age of good.

Powers and Abilities

As with his counterpart Red Hood has no powers. Instead Red Hood is a powerful combatant, able to hold his own against the Injustice Syndicate before being out numbered. Additionally Red Hood is a expert marksman with his Red Spade throwing stars and can engineer chemicals that he uses in his fight against crime.