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Since that night at the circus when I first saw him swooping down from the darkness... from the point Dick joined him-- Batman and Robin have meant everything to me. I've followed them both... I know them so well. I knew when Dick left to become Nightwing. I knew when Jason came and became Robin... and I knew when Jason died. And I saw how Batman changed without there being a Robin to care about. Look, I never wanted this for myself... but I wanted Batman and Robin back together the way they should be. And if Dick won't become Robin again... someone else has to!
~ Tim Drake.
Look, I know you think this is what you want. But once you put on a mask... a uniform... once you do something like this, it can become all you do. And then before you know it, you're deep down the rabbit hole of this life and you're not even sure how you got here. I started doing this because I thought I didn't have a choice. But you still do, Harper. So for me, your brother, and everyone else.... you need to be sure you're making the right one.
~ Prime Earth Tim Drake.

Red Robin is a fictional character and superhero from comics published by DC, and is a supporting character in the Batman comics. vigilante superhero associated with the Batman Family, usually a graduated form of Batman's original sidekick Robin.

The original Red Robin was Dick Grayson of the Kingdom Come universe, an alternate form of the character's usual Nightwing alias. Jason Todd, also known as Red Hood at the time, became the first regular Red Robin of the mainstream DC Universe when he received the costume as a gift from the Batman of an alternate universe during Countdown.

After Todd stopped using the costume it came into the possession of a super-villain named Ulysses Armstrong who wore it briefly during Search for a Hero. Tim Drake took the mantle at the end of Battle for the Cowl after his position as Robin was given to Damian Wayne. He uses it to assume a darker persona in The Grail, and still holds the position.

Red Robin was created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, he originally appeared as an Elseworlds character in Kingdom Come #2. (1996) The costume's first appearance in regular continuity was in Paul Dini's Countdown to Final Crisis #14. (2008).

Dick Grayson

Kingdom Come

On Earth-22, Dick Grayson was donned the Red Robin, returning to his heroics to join Superman's Justice League after marrying and having a daughter.

Jason Todd

Jason Todd became the first Red Robin the mainstream universe, having received the costume from a Batman of the Countdown universe.

Tim Drake

Early Life

Timothy Jackson "Tim" Drake was the only son of Jack and Janet Drake, and was raised in a wealthy household. When he was young, Tim was taken to the Haly's Circus, where he met the Flying Graysons, which was the same day as Dick's parents' deaths. Years later, Tim saw footage of Batman and Robin apprehending the Penguin, and noticed Robin's unique acrobatic skills. Despite his age, Tim showed himself to be highly intelligent, and was able to use his deductive abilities to piece together the truth behind Batman and Robin's identities. He proceeded to follow their careers closely, and even noticed Grayson's change of identity and the new Robin.

Becoming Robin

After the death of Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker, Tim noticed a change in Batman's personality. Tim went on a quest to reunite Batman and Nightwing, hoping to return the dynamic duo back to basics. When Dick refused to leave his mantle as Nightwing, Tim volunteered to become the third Robin, but Batman refused. When Batman and Nightwing were trapped in a situation with Two-Face, and Tim decided to don the Robin costume and managed to rescue them with the aid of Alfred.

Impressed with his skills and bravery, Batman accepted Tim as the new Robin on a trial basis, and trained him over several months alongside Nightwing. While training, the Obeah Man captured Tim's parents during a trip to the Caribbean, and Batman attempted to rescue them. During the kidnapping, Janet was killed and Jack left paralyzed, and a nurse had to take care of him. After assisting Batman in defeating Scarecrow, Tim was finally deemed ready to fulfill his role as the new Robin.

Though finally given the mantle, Tim had cold feet about his abilities as a crime fighter, but Bruce told him that he had great confidence in him. Bruce later sent Tim overseas on a tour to continue his training, receiving training from Rahul Lama, and ran into some thugs working for King Snake. Tim also ran into Lady Shiva, who trained him and later worked with him to take down King Snake's heroin, but Drake refused to kill the villain when ordered to.

Soon after doing some patrols, Robin was tasked with training Bruce's new apprentice, Jean-Paul Valley, also known as Azrael. Robin and Azrael stopped a couple of crimes and rescued Lucius Fox from Cypher, and later worked with the vigilante to fight Killer Croc.

Becoming Red Robin

After Batman's supposed "death", Tim believed he was till alive after seeing a painting of Wayne's "ancestor" Mordecai in the manor. Angered that Dick chose Damian Wayne to become his new Robin instead of him, Tim left Gotham for Europe to investigate Bruce's disappearance.

Tim gave up his Robin costume and graduated to the role of "Red Robin", believing he continue his work without tarnishing the previous one. With the help of Ra's al Ghul in Paris, Tim found an ancient cave painting that proved that Bruce was lost in time and survived and ambush by the Council of Spiders.

Red Robin was later called back to Gotham by Dick and Damian when their old friends and enemies returned as members of the Black Lantern Corps, and saw his father revived as a Black Lantern zombie. Tim and Dick used Mister Freeze's freeze gun to avoid the Black Lantern's detection, and then had Deadman unfreeze them. Despite having fight old allies, the Green Lantern Corps, the White Lantern Corps, and the New Guardians contained the event.


Dick Grayson

Main article: Nightwing

Richard "Dick" Grayson was the first Robin, having been adopted by Batman after his parents were killed by Tony Zucco. Dick became Batman's sidekick, and a founding member of the Teen Titans, a group of superheroes who were sidekicks of adult heroes. By the time he reach the age of eighteen, Dick decided to leave the Robin mantle and take the identity of Nightwing.

Jason Todd

Main article: Red Hood

Jason Todd was the second Robin, receiving the mantle after Dick Grayson left and was adopted by Batman when he was just an orphan. Todd was known to be more violent and reckless than Dick, which caused tension between him and Batman. Though Todd became the new Boy Wonder, he was killed by the Dark Knight's greatest enemy, the Joker. Despite his death, Jason would return as the Red Hood, and would become a killer that made peace with his former mentor.

Tim Drake

Main article: Tim Drake

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  • Tim Drake was ranked 32nd on IGN's "Top 100 Comic Book Heroes" in 2011.

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